Inuksuk_Giorgio-1A children’s show was on the television one day when I sat down. They were talking about the native people of the Canadian Arctic, the Inuit (or Eskimo as they used to be known). There was a large inuksuk in the background. An inuksuk is a pile of stones arranged in the likeness of a human being. The Inuit People of the Arctic use them for marking trails, indicating caches of food, nearby people, or helping in hunting large herds of caribou.

The inuksuk is a very important part of the Inuit culture. A northern traveler who sees an inuksuk is reassured. It is a lasting sign of human presence in the vast snowy emptiness of the Arctic. The young man hosting the show said about the inuksuk, “It says, ‘I have been here already. You are on the right path.’”

These words the young man spoke went right to my heart. They reminded me that as we journey towards perfect union with Jesus through the vast, often barren landscape of our lives, He does not leave us orphaned. He provides us with markers on our way, to reassure us, saying to us, “I have been here already. You are on the right path.”

To me, the BSP is one of those markers, a great, cross-shaped inuksuk pointing the way to Him.

Thanks be to God for His great and tender care of His beloved little ones. May we never lose our way.


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