Changing Hearts…

Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be filled. (Luke 6:21)

The reading from the Beatitudes gives us much spiritual food for thought. In meditating on this passage, it is good to reflect on what it is we are hungry for, and what it is Christ is saying we should be hungry for.

In January 2010, I came across two separate articles in two days that illustrated to me society’s increasing starvation for God, a hunger it often tries to satisfy with everything but God. The culture of death offers food that cannot satisfy, and the world is gobbling up the illusion, starving to death while the Bread from Heaven goes largely unclaimed. It is a recipe for imminent disaster.

The first of the articles I mentioned was posted on January 6, 2010 on In an interview, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer spoke about the worldwide disaster that the culture of death will bring about if hearts are not converted. He is quoted as saying:

“‘If people get fed up and just elect another political party that is just as bad as the previous political party, it does nothing to stem the global crisis that’s going to come upon us. What we need is a conversion of heart.’  In most cases, he said, only suffering has enough power to effect such a change. ‘People turn back to God when they suffer.’ But the price, he warned, is necessarily going to be high.

The second article came out the next day on Catholic Online on January 7, 2010. It was an opinion piece written by Jennifer Hartline titled, “The Truth Comes out: Women Who Support Abortion”. In a very thoughtful, well-written article, this passage jumped out at me:

“We’re not dealing with a rational enemy who will respond to reason or be persuaded by facts. We’re dealing with evil that has made a comfy home for himself in the quiet, hidden center of humanity; the womb. Changing minds will not do the trick. Hearts must be changed. Hearts must be converted and blind eyes must be made to see. Only God can do that. Only the love and power of Christ can reveal the truth to hardened hearts.”

 Having read these two passages within a day of each other, I felt very strongly our Lord’s hunger for the conversion of the world. “I thirst!” Hearts hardened by sin and the Culture of Death cause his wounded heart so much anguish. It is no wonder then, that he has called so many to a life of penance. As Fr. Euteneuer said, only suffering has enough power to effect such a change.

If we enter into the Lord’s hunger for souls, our sacrifices will make reparation and somehow, mysteriously, assist in the conversion of heart so desperately needed in the world today. As St. Paul tells us, in our own bodies, we make up for what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ. (cf. Col. 1:24)

Let us not take lightly what our Lord is calling us to do. Much more depends on it than we can know. Let us pray for grace and ask the Lord how he wishes us to enter into his hunger for souls, that in the end, the Immaculate Heart may triumph in a great many souls.



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  1. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Bllessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb JESUS. Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners, spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all of humanity NOW, and at the hour of our death. Amen.

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