Armed and dangerous…

Friends, do yourselves and the world a favor by taking ten minutes to view this video of a portion of a talk by Marino Restrepo. It is on the critical importance of Catholics receiving the Eucharist as often as possible. (If you have never heard of Marino Restrepo, I encourage you to also view his amazing testimony.)

From my other blog, :

1 John 4:4 You belong to God, children, and you have conquered them, for the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

“Beloved child, it is a great mystery that the Lord of Life makes his home in mere creatures. The angels are in awe of this, yet few of my children even acknowledge it. Your God lives in you my child! Ponder this. You who receive me in the Bread of Life have a greater responsibility not to take my presence within you for granted. The world is desperately in need of my presence. If those in whom I dwell do not carry my love to others, who will do it? If my light does not shine through you, then the darkness will be that much deeper. So I call you, dear children, not to let the presence of Christ within you be muffled or dimmed. Remove everything that obstructs the view so that all who see you will see Christ. I do not tell you this in a cerebral sense or in a superficial sense, but I want you to live this in every moment. Now more than ever before I want you, my children, to live my presence in the world.”

Jesus, Lord of light and love, I repent for all the times I have failed to live your presence in the world. In your mercy remove from me all that muffles or dims your presence. May your light shine in us for all to see and may souls be drawn to the light. Your Body in my body, your Blood in my veins, your love in my heart. May your kingdom come and your will be done. Amen.


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  1. Extremely important words to contemplate. How often we, who love the Lord with all our hearts, fail to see Him working in us, through us. In everything may we learn to say, “It is He”!!! Mama help us!

    “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done” on earth as it is in heaven.


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