Solidarity in prayer…

A reader has brought this grassroots initiative to my attention and I wanted to pass it on. Here is the link to their website: and here is a  FLYER with more information. Although they are initially targeting US parishes, it is certainly not restricted to those. Let us all be united in prayer on October 13, 2016. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Added later: At my request, here is a note from one of the group’s founding members: “We are only asking for their parish’s name after they’ve signed up so we know who’s in. No money is being or will be asked for.” They have added this to their contact page: “We are not, and will not, ask for money. We will not fill your inbox with useless emails or give out your contact information. This is an effort that you lead locally with your pastor.”

No one is obliged to participate and everyone who does so, it is at their own risk. May Our Lady of Fatima lead and guide us all. Blessed Mother, pray for us!

(I have now vetted the Solidarity in Prayer group and am satisfied that it is a legitimate and worthy undertaking. The person who contacted me is a parishioner of St. Bernard of Clairvaux parish, Cincinnati. His pastor is Fr. Don Siciliano. To show his support, Fr. Don posted and linked the Solidarity in Prayer website in a Facebook post on July 22, challenging others to join. You’ll need to scroll down for the July 22 post.)


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  1. Janet- More and more it seems that we have to “sign-up” or enroll in something just in order to pray with people or for someone. I am very cautious of sending my info to anyone, so that they can fund raise or further contact me. It’s one of the signs of times, I’m afraid. Please reconsider forwarding these things. We were scandalized a few years ago when we learned of the motivation of a group that operates like this, not to further prayers and other pious activities, but only to fund raise, and they are very, very successful since they mock real, established and approved apostolates with a long history. People do not ask questions if the art work is good, it seems. This group may be on the up and up; but who knows?


    • Yes Lynette, it is good to be prudent. I often take folks at face value and should have done my homework. Mea culpa! I will post a caveat that I have not vetted this group and that they should proceed with due diligence and caution. Sorry, sad times we are in.


      • Thank you Janet. It is good to be prudent. I would hope all groups and people could be honest and humble. Some day it will be so. God bless you. St. Joseph, pray for us.


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