A Serious Matter…

As some people did not see this on the Pelianito blog, I am re-posting it here as I am inviting those who may have questions to visit this blog. I will be posting some further thoughts on Monday.

A serious matter…

Dear friends,

I apologize once again for the flood of emails you just received. Mea culpa! It is ironic or perhaps providential given the news that I now have to deliver.

Some of you have wondered about the “dry spell” of fewer blog posts in recent months. I too have wondered if God may be pointing me in a new direction. God is usually subtle, except when He isn’t. A serious matter has come up , and after discussing the it with my spiritual director, I have decided to suspend my blog until further notice.

Someone in authority who had concerns about my blog writings evidently submitted at least some of them to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It was communicated to me that in the estimation of the CDF, the writings on this blog “do not always reflect authentic Catholic teaching.”

At this time I don’t know more than that. I can only guess at what has caused this determination. Perhaps it is because I refer frequently to teachings such as Flame of Love and Divine Will that, while they have approval of the local bishop, have not yet been fully approved by the Church. This is a legitimate concern; the CDF has the overwhelming job of maintaining the integrity of the teachings of the Church. I submit to their authority and apologize to all my readers if I have in any way caused confusion. If there are errors in any of my messages, it is strictly the fault of this unworthy human instrument.

It has always been my desire to fulfill the will of God in my life, my hope to edify the faithful, and my mission to build up the Body of Christ. Whatever I have done well has been the work of God and whatever I have done poorly has been my own fault. I trust God always to fix my mistakes, and it seems I give him plenty of opportunities to practice!

I am providentially at peace with all of this. I know enough to believe that God can do as much or more with my silence as he can with my words.  And truthfully, the only One we need to “follow” is Jesus. 🙂 That said, I am eternally grateful to God for all those He has led to this blog, those who have commented, or who were silently present. I am especially grateful for the ministry of prayer that unfolded over the years. You have been and always will be dear to my heart and I will continue to remember you in my prayers. I have one request, that until things change, I think it would be better for you not to share these writings.

It seems to me that the Lord has made his desires known. If in the future I am able to continue this ministry, I will re-activate the blog and send out a notice to the current subscribers. May our good God bless us all and keep us faithful to His call!

“The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21)



I have installed a re-direct command so that the Pelianito blog link ends up at Joy of Penance. I hope that is not too confusing. The WordPress message was not working very well and I couldn’t change it.


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  1. Janet, I have always benefited from your writings and they never caused me any confusion at all. I am so sad to see the suspension of your blog but I am edified by your obedience. I am sure the person who wrote to the CDF meant well. I for one will always remember your comforting words in your messages. Thank you for being the Lord’s instrument and may God bless you. In Jesus and Mary, Maureen

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  2. Janet, I have really benefited from reading your posts, I will miss them. I hope your absence is only for a short time. I appreciate your fidelity to the church, that has always come through to me. I pray God richly blesses you.

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  3. Thank you for your humility and obedience. I am very grateful for your insight and passing on the gifts from our Lord to us. It was you who told me about the Surrender Novena. When I saw your message and the other messages the other day, I said to Jesus, “I surrender her to you, Jesus. You take care of everything.” So many thanks to you for all and you and your family are in my prayers.

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    • Gold star, Theresa! I have prayed the surrender novena numerous times and now each morning and evening I repeat 10 times: “Jesus I surrender myself to you, take care of everything. I love you and I thank you with your own Divine Will. Each time I repeat it, I change the word “love” to one of these Adore, Bless, Console, Glorify & Honor, Kiss, Praise, Supplicate, Trust, Worship. I put them in alphabetical order so they are easier to remember and even know which finger belongs to which one. 🙂 I am certain that this prayer is what has prepared me for this moment, that has given me the grace to say with great peace and trust—Fiat!

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      • Yet another of the many many prayers of yours that I copy. Thank you SO much.
        This makes me so sad because right now everything is being taken away from me.
        And now this 😦
        And of course it’s not about me and all,
        but I’m sorta stuck inside of this me right now so it’s kinda hard to ignore 🙂
        May God continue to Bless You in a Mighty Mighty way sweet girl

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  4. I was sorry to hear that you had suspended your blog- I will pray for the Lord’s will in this situation. I have benefited from the posts and it was your blog that helped me get started with the Flame of Love Movement. You will be in my prayers Janet- I know God has a plan for whatever the next step will be. God Bless!

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  5. Janet I owe you so much. I have been blessed repeatedly by your charity faithfulness and humility and on more than one occasion your prayers. Now you show us the way with your obedience. Not a doubt in my mind that God will bless you in this and work through you in this new turn in the road. I will pray for you and all who are connected to the blog. We are in exceedingly significant times. May Our Lady protect us and get all of us and our loved ones safely home to Jesus.

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  6. Hi Janet, I have been one of those silent followers for quite some time now in Canada. Your blog and messages have been a consolation to me in my own profound journey and ministry, and I have occasionally quoted them in my own writings. I know well how it feels to experience these spiritual things and occasional ‘messages’ and share them while staying true to the church authority. I have been doing the same for many years now on my website http://www.thedeliverancenetwork.com in obedience to my Catholic priest Directors, and your messages resonate with my own experiences and words from the Lord. Two years ago my ministry expanded to form a women’s group to help support and encourage women in their spiritual growth & faith, and to try to help build up more workers and prayer warriors in the field(!) – http://www.sisterhood.live. The Lord has many workers disseminating information in this time, but of course discernment for readers is often a challenge as well. I too have found that God has been more silent of late, but trust that even His silence has purpose. I have been given permission from my Catholic priest spiritual directors to share freely the past nine years, so I continue to share that which I was told to start sharing in 2007. Perhaps my website will be a consolation for you at this time…I too hope that your current necessity of suspending your blog is a temporary one. We all need encouragement and support in our walk of faith. Feel free to email me if you wish at thedeliverancenetwork@gmail.com. May God bless you in this time and may His will be done mightily in your life and ministry. Karen

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  7. Wow. Your blog was the last blog I really read anymore since it was so simple and beautifully written, truly from divine sources. Strange times when something so spiritually uplifting and nourishing has to stop. I will miss this blog very much. Strange times.

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      • Janet, I recall Mark Mallett being shut down for a time in a similar way. If I remember correctly he claimed the Lord told him to continue writing. For now, I’d say be still and listen for the voice of God. I know what it’s like to be shut down but have often found it was the Lord’s way of protecting me. Discernment through prayer and fasting is what mostly works for me. Sometimes we need to be hidden for a season.

        God bless and keep you in His perfect peace.

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  8. Thank you so much for your years of giving and giving! I will miss the little gems you shared. Janet I sent you an email……. I used your prayer section everyday. Several in particular. Yes I can find some on net but one or two I have trouble finding….. And the prayers given to you are now gone from us. Wondering if something could be done!
    Thank you again for so much. God bless.

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    • Here is the list of what was on the prayers and novenas page Anne. I can send you a copy if you let me know which you are particularly interested in. If you want them all, it will take me a while to migrate them to this blog as I have other matters to attend to at this time.

      24 Hours of the Passion – Luisa Piccarreta
      Christmas Novena to the Holy Innocents
      Daily Prayers of Protection
      Divine Will Prayer After Communion
      Family Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
      Fatima Prayers
      Faustina’s Creed
      Hedge of Protection
      Jesus I trust in you
      Litany of Humility
      Novena of Surrender to the Will of God
      Novena to Our Lady of Good Counsel
      Novena to Our Lady of Prompt Succor
      Novena to St. Joseph
      Novena to St. Monica
      Novena to St. Padre Pio
      Novena in Honor of the Holy Feet of Jesus
      Novena to the Holy Spirit
      Our Father: A meditation
      Prayer for the intercession of a child who has died (and whose innocence assures us that he or she is likely in heaven.)
      Prayer of a Little Abandoned Soul in the Divine Will
      Prayer of Reparation to the Sacred Heart
      Prayer of Surrender to God in Death
      Prayer of Trust in Hard Times
      Prayer to Re-Capture What Was Lost
      Prayer to St. Gabriel
      Prayers to St. Michael
      Radiating Christ
      Queen of Angels Prayer
      Spiritual Communion
      St. Catherine’s Prayer for Mercy
      St. John Vianney Prayer
      Prayers submitted by readers
      St. Joseph, Guardian of the Unborn
      Supplication to the Holy Angels
      The jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jug of oil run dry…
      Way of the Cross for Greater Trust / large print version / printable brochure

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  9. Janet, I have never commented here but have followed you for years. I also enjoy your comments on Charlie’s blog. I could not have been more surprised by your recent announcement. I feel the rug is being pulled out from under God’s Faithful. Another support system is being taken away. I am deeply saddened. Yet, as you said, God has allowed this. I will miss the beautiful prayers you post. My prayers are for you. I hope to continue to read your wisdom at ASOH. May God Bless you and your obedience.


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