Perilous times…

Of course one does not have to be a prophet to say that we live in perilous times. As the most recent Now Word from Mark Mallet indicates, the chronology is impossible to deny. I was particularly struck by this line in the final paragraph of Mark’s post from Our Lady of Zaro allegedly to Angela; Ischia, Italy; April 8th, 2017:

“My children, the weapon for facing these moments of darkness and pain and for ensuring that all of this is mitigated, is prayer, and staying before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: it is there that you will draw the greatest strength!”

This seems to be in line with the perceived call to withdraw in silence and pray.

I had been wondering how to introduce this prayer that came to me earlier today, given the sensitive subject matter. But I see this as a confirmation to go ahead and post it here. Our Blessed Mother has been calling us unceasingly to pray. This week she put this matter strongly on my heart.


The abominable sin of pedophilia has made the news again this week. I praise God that he has rescued even a few of these holy innocents and brought the slaves of satan to justice. Often the police say after months or years of investigations leading to rescues and arrests, that it was only the “tip of the iceberg”. The following prayer formed as I was praying for this intention.

Jesus, in the Divine Will, in the name of everyone from Adam to the last man I ask the mighty army of St. Michael as well as all holy guardian angels of pedophiles and their victims, and my guardian angel, to rush in and rescue these poor little ones who are being viciously used by the slaves of satan. Mama Mary please shine the Flame of Love on every child so that they may be found, and tenderly bind their wounds in the swaddling bands of your sweet Son, Jesus. May your Flame of Love miraculously guide the work of those whose excruciating job it is to search for and find the perpetrators of these horrible crimes. Please heal the wounds they suffer in the course of their work. Then, Mama Mary, may the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart crush the hideous iceberg of this sin and all sins into miniscule pieces, to be dissolved in the infinite ocean of Divine Mercy. Holy Spirit of love, may your kingdom come and come quickly. Amen.





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  1. Hi Janet,

    Interestingly in regards to silence the rest of that message to Angela that wasn’t in Mark’s blog is as follows…

    “At this point, Mother showed me scenes of war and hundreds of people being killed. Then I saw many warships being positioned in the Mediterranean. Explosions of bombs and missiles that flew by quickly and struck whole towns. Palaces and Mosques were destroyed by bombs. Then I saw Pope Francis in prayer, kneeling: he was sweating and held his face in his hands. Mother continued:

    Pray for him, pray.

    Children, learn to be silent, be men and women of silence. Pray more and talk less. At this moment it will help if your lips move to pray, praise and bless. Thus you will be able to teach others what I have been asking from you for some time. My Son is sending me among you to save you and to convert those who are far from Him. ”

    Finally Mother blessed everyone.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

    God bless, Desiree Lawler

    (Caveat from Janet: I have not vetted this seer.)

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  2. Hi again!

    Just thought you may be interested in reading Simona’s message from Our Lady of Zaro from the same day as Angela’s. I just read it and was surprised to see Syria mentioned in it.

    Message of Our Lady of Zaro, April 8, 2017 given to Simona

    I saw Mother, she was wearing a pearl-gray garment, on her head a long white veil that went all the way down to her feet: her arms were open in a sign of welcome, on her chest she had a heart of flesh pierced by swords; Mother’s face was sad and lined with tears.

    May Jesus Christ be praised

    “My dearly beloved children, I am here, I await you with open arms; convert, let the Lord enter your hearts.

    My children, pray! Children, my heart is torn by grief; my children, pray for this world: a great upheaval will upset the already precarious balance of nations. Pray children, all that I have long announced to you is about to begin, but you my children, do not fear, hold tightly in your hands the weapon of the Holy Rosary and do not fear, I am always with you and I cover you with my mantle.

    My beloved children, pray, pray, pray.

    Little children, say your ‘yes’ with a sincere heart. My children, my heart is torn by the cries that come to my ear, Syria rends my heart.

    Children, pray, let the grace of God enter into you so that it might shape you, ground you, fill you; be like clay in the potter’s hand, ready to be shaped according to his will.

    My children, great pains will befall this world, many of of my children will betray me, wounding my heart, denying their vows, cancelling out their ‘yes’, and this will tear my heart and crucify my beloved Jesus again.

    My children pray, I ask you with my heart torn by pain, pray, I beseech you.

    Now I give you my holy blessing.

    Thanks for having hastened to me.”

    God bless, Desiree ________________________________

    (Caveat from Janet: I have not vetted this seer.)

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  3. AMEN!


    On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 10:31 PM, The Joy of Penance wrote:

    > Janet Klasson posted: “Of course one does not have to be a prophet to say > that we live in perilous times. As the most recent Now Word from Mark > Mallet indicates, the chronology is impossible to deny. I was particularly > struck by this line in the final paragraph of Mark’s post f” >


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