Proclaiming a Daniel Fast…

At that time I, Daniel, had been mourning for three weeks. I had eaten no rich food, no meat or wine had entered my mouth, and I had not anointed myself at all, for the full three weeks. (Daniel 10:2-3)

In 2019 I attended a “Jesus Heals” event put on by Shalom World Media. It was powerful. The Shalom prayer and evangelization ministry blossomed from a small charismatic group formed in India in 1989. In the power of the Holy Spirit, through many leaps of faith, Shalom has since spread its ministry around the world, not least through a world-wide media outreach, including an active online presence, a YouTube channel and an award-winning TV station, “Shalom TV, God’s Own Channel”, as they call it.

I include all this by way of introduction for those who have never heard of Shalom World Media, as I want to invite you all to participate in their latest initiative, a 21-Day Daniel Fast.

This past May I posted a couple of blog posts on the power of fasting. (See Turning the Tables and Further Thoughts on Fasting.) Now Shalom will be leading an international, online, guided Daniel Fast. It will be led by Rev. Roy Palatty CMI, a holy and Spirit-filled priest, and will run from August 1-21 for the following intentions:

  1. To save humanity from the deadly plague of corona.
  2. In reparation for the sins committed by us and our families.
  3. To strengthen all the evangelization efforts of bringing Jesus to the ends of the earth.
  4. To prepare the Holy Catholic Church to embrace a new Pentecost.

Further details and a sign-up link may be found at

To be honest I felt apprehensive when I first thought about participating, but I immediately realized that fear was not from the Lord. Several years ago, I felt the Lord speak these words into my heart, “Have you done enough yet? Can you say that you have?” That phrase comes back to me often and the answer is always, “Sadly no, I cannot say that I have done enough yet.” The spirit is willing, but the flesh is oh, so weak! I knew I needed to ante up, to walk the talk. Amen? Amen.

Fasting has never been more urgent. Please seriously consider this invitation, praying for and relying only on the power of the Holy Spirit. If God wants us to do this, HE will see HIS WORK to completion in us. Think of all the people worldwide who will be participating with you. Collective fasting worked wonders in Nineveh!

A few nights ago I had a dream that I think was meant to encourage us all in our prayers and sacrifices for those in our spiritual territories (those God has given us to pray for). In the dream, I had invited numerous family members to a gathering at my house. Two of the guests did not want to come into my house, but just wanted to talk to each other outside. I was not offended but thought something to this effect: That’s ok. They may not be with us, but we are with them.

In the next part of the dream I went to visit a clergyman I know, who was in the hospital. It was a spiritual illness, that is to say, he was being held captive by demons. He was paranoid and did not want to see me or anyone else. I thought, That’s ok. I’ll just pray for him in the next room.

There was great peace in the dream. I think the Lord wished to encourage us, so that we can feel confident that our efforts are bearing fruit, even though it may not be evident at this time.

Some time ago I had a dream about someone I pray for daily. In the dream I opened his closet door and the only thing hanging in the closet were hundreds of rosaries—those I had prayed for him over the years. It gave me great hope, and it should give you hope as well. Praised be Jesus and Mary!

If you decide to participate in the Daniel Fast, here is what participants are asked to do to prepare. I received this from my local Shalom leader:

Praise the Lord!

Dear prayer warriors in Christ,

We have less than two weeks  to start our Spiritual journey of Daniel fasting. We need Lord’s grace and mercy to start and complete this fasting prayer with full Spirit. We need to be vigilant about the temptations, laziness, and dryness.

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).

Let’s start our** Daniel fasting preparation** by offering prayers with the following intentions

1. For Fr. Roy, to be anointed with Holy Spirit.

2.  For all the participants to get the strength and spiritual alertness to start and complete this fasting prayer effectively.

3. For protection of us and our families.

4. For all the intentions of Daniel Fasting.

We will offer rosaries and ask Mother Mary’s intercession, Divine Mercy chaplets praying for Our Lord’s mercy, and St. Michael’s prayer for protection.

Come Holy Spirit! Let the fire fall!

4 responses

  1. This looks wonderful! I have bookmarked every link you have given regarding the Shalom Group. I have shared it with a sister who lives in Maine…and will share it with a dear holy priest who teaches in a seminary in India. I am very excited about this and thank you so much for sharing it. Another adventure with our Lord! 🙂

  2. Hi Janet, any thoughts on evangelizing to my husband’s family (that we live with). They are not prepared physically at all, spiritually it’s a little hard to say but living a very normal upper middle class American lifestyle. It seems that events will begin this fall so I’m trying to be trusting and not urgent. At the same time I don’t want to betray everything God has given me by not sharing it. thank you!

    • I am wrestling with that issue myself Caitlyn. I hope to have something put together tomorrow, but we’ll see. Pray for me.

      One thing that happened to me this week is that I was praying about this very issue before Mass. During the homily the priest said these words referring to a people we failed to evangelize and that they will say to us, “If you knew, why didn’t you tell me?” Better to be thought a fool now, than to have that kind of regret later!

      However, I remember Fr. Michel Rodrigue (I’m pretty sure it was him. I’ll have to watch his videos again.) saying that we don’t need to tell people who are not open, but to continue to pray for them. Start with people you think might be a little bit open to it. What we need to do for those who are not open, is to be ready to help them through the aftermath of the Warning. They will be ready to talk then!!! God knows how to reach everyone and some nuts are hard to crack! I had someone reach out to me recently who I NEVER would have dreamed would be interested in what I had to say about the times we are in. She has been very open! God is at work. Take his openings. More to follow…God willing!

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