In Retrospect…

“(Job) said, ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.’” (Job 1:21)

In studying the writings of Luisa we learn to appreciate, in a much deeper way, what Mary lived and what the Church teaches: that everything that happens is either God’s ordained will or his permissive will. In the words of Fr. Celso, “In the Divine Will, everything is Fiat!”

But taking away the Eucharist? Surely not! Let’s think about that.

I’m sure I speak for all when I say I was shocked at how quickly it happened. I kind of took it for granted that our churches would always remain open and that the Holy Eucharist would always be available. Like most people I saw it as a right rather than a privilege. But to paraphrase Frances Hogan, Jesus alone has rights, we have only privileges. Then, seemingly overnight, there were no public Masses being celebrated anywhere in the world! Fr. Celso said it was the first time that happened since Peter and Paul came to Rome. Without a doubt this was the Sign of Signs.

So, why would God allow the Eucharist to be taken away? One only has only to read Scripture and the Volumes to see why. He only ever withdraws grace because of our unfaithfulness, which in the past century has reached unimaginable depths. At the time when Luisa was recording the volumes, Jesus often wept over the sin and evil he had to endure in coming into the host through sinful priests, to be received by sinful Catholics. He did not spare our feelings when he related his repugnance at it, as in this excerpt from Volume 2, October 1, 1899:

[Jesus to Luisa:] “My Justice can take no more. I feel wounded by everyone – by priests, by devout people, by the secular, especially because of the abuse of the Sacraments… Ah, yes, no one spares Me! There are some who offend Me directly, and some who, though they could prevent so much evil, do not bother doing it; so, I do not know to whom to turn. But I will chastise them in such a way as to render them incapable, and some I will destroy completely. They will reach such a point that churches will remain deserted, with no one to administer the Sacraments.”

Interrupting His speaking, all frightened I [Luisa] said: ‘Lord, what are You saying?! If there are some who abuse the Sacraments, there are also many good daughters who receive them with the due dispositions, and who would suffer very much if they could not attend them.’ And He: “Too scarce is their number; and then, their pain for not being able to receive them will work as reparation for Me, and to make them victims for those who abuse them.” Who can say how tormented I was left by these words of blessed Jesus? But I hope that He will placate Himself out of His infinite Mercy. (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 2, October 1, 1899)

If Our Lord was this offended in 1899, then how much more repairing and re-doing must be done for the sins of our time!

Of course, what God has given, God has every right to take away. Blessed be the name of the Lord in all things, even the incomprehensible ones.

Look at Job. He lost wife, family, and all his possessions. His response? “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Look at Mary. After the Ascension she endured 25 or so years of life in a true “Martyrdom of Solitude” without the physical presence of Jesus. Her response, as ever, was, “Fiat!”

Look at Luisa. Of all the sufferings she endured as a victim soul, the one she bemoaned the most was the “privation” of her “sweet Jesus”. Yet, Jesus required it of her. It took her a long time to realize that of all the crosses she was asked to bear, this was indeed the biggest one, and therefore the most powerful. 

I recently listened to Fr. Celso talk about Repairing and Redoing in the Divine Will, Part 1, Talk 2. In this passage he cites Luisa is once again bemoaning the “privation” of Jesus:

After going through most bitter days of privation, I was feeling tired and exhausted in my strengths, though I kept offering those very pains, saying: ‘Lord, You know how much being deprived of You costs Me; but I resign myself to your Most Holy Will, offering this most bitter pain as a means to prove my love and to placate You. These bothers, annoyances, wearinesses, coldnesses that I feel, I intend to send You as messengers of praises and of reparations for myself and for all creatures. This I have, and this I offer You. Surely You accept the sacrifice of the good will, when one offers You what he can with no reserve – but come, for I can take no more.’

Jesus: ‘Content yourself and calm yourself, and while I occupy Myself with chastising the people, you – accompany Me with your sighs and with your sufferings, praying that the very chastisements may turn out for the conversion of the peoples.’ (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 2, October 21, 1899)

As I reflected on this, it occurred to me that this was exactly what we have been going through—and how we should be praying. Once I began to look at it that way, the picture looked much different. For those of us who love receiving Jesus in the Eucharist, being deprived of it through no fault of our own is the biggest cross he can give us, therefore the most efficacious sacrifice. Examine Luisa’s prayer. She certainly let the Lord know how much she suffered from his absence, but was “resigned” to her pain and bitterness, offering her sufferings as “messengers of praises and of reparations for myself and for all creatures”.  As is always the case, what the enemy means for our destruction we can use in a powerful way against him, most especially, and most immensely, in the Divine Will.

Through our ordeal, God did not leave us orphaned. It is no small thing that we had the great consolation of Spiritual Communions. Then there is the astounding grace he has given to souls who live in the Divine Will, that of becoming Living Hosts (Volume 11, March 15, 1912). Like the best of Fathers, God foresaw this evil age and provided for us ahead of time. But more than a rescue, God desires to raise us up as high as we will let him take us. We miss the point if we focus on what Jesus calls “creature stuff, of the low world”. Our battle is on very high ground. Persecution and the cross are what transform us to the image and likeness of God. In the Divine Will everything is Fiat, and we are always triumphant.

So let us pray the above prayer of Luisa and Jesus, repairing and redoing for the sins of this age and all ages. The sacrifice of our missed Communions can be offered in the Divine Will in all times and places, an infinitude of times, even now–after the fact. Then it becomes an elevated “Communion fast” whose spiritual effects only God can comprehend. Our God is beyond merciful!

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord in ALL things! Fiat!

Lastly, I wanted to include this passage where Jesus puts the “low world” in its place.

The nations will continue to fight against one another—some by war, some by revolution, among themselves and against My Church.  They have a fire in their midst that devours them, that gives them no Peace, and they can give no Peace.  It is the fire of sin, and the fire of acting without God that gives them no Peace; and they will never make Peace if they do not call God into their midst, as regime and bond of Union and of Peace.  And I let them do, and I will make them touch with their own hands what it means to act without God.

“But this does not prevent the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat from coming; this is all creature’s stuff, of the low world, that My Power knocks down and disperses whenever it wants, and it makes the most serene Sky and the most refulgent Sun arise from the storm.  On the other hand, the Kingdom of My Divine Will is from on high, from the Heavens, formed and decreed in the midst of the Divine Persons—no one can touch It or disperse It.  First We will deal about It with one creature alone, forming the First Kingdom in her; then with few; and then, making use of Our Omnipotence, We will divulge It everywhere.  Be certain, do not worry because evils get worse; Our Power, Our Winning Love that has the virtue of always Winning, Our Will that can do everything and, with Invincible Patience, knows how to wait even for centuries—but what It wants and has to do is worth more than all the evils of creatures—in the face of Its Invincible Power and Its Infinite Value, their evils will be like little drops of water, like many trifles that will serve for the Triumph of Our Love and for the greater Glory of Our Fulfilled Will. 

“And then, when We have the great Glory of forming this Kingdom inside one creature alone, she will be like Sun, such that all have the right to enjoy and possess its Light.  More than sun, she will give to all creatures the Right to possess a Kingdom so Holy; and We, with Infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will Reign in their midst.  Therefore, let Me do; when it is your Jesus that has told you this, that’s enough—it is as though already done.  All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.” (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 30, January 3, 1932)


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  1. Thank you Janet for this post which I am only now getting to read (my husband had surgery 2 weeks ago and is thankfully recovering well). Please continue to write and to help us all understand more deeply the love of Jesus and the great gift that is His Divine Will through the writings of Luisa. Blessings & Peace to you, Bren


  2. A while back you sent a post with links to divine will teachings. One was 13 minute talk by Fr Iannuzzi, another was an hour talk by Frances Hogan and one by Fr Robert Young. Also a 30 minute one by Daniel O’connor. Could you please resend it to me because I have a retreat schedule for about 200 folks in Dallas and there are about 40 new people. I thought if the listened to those talks before they came it would be helpful. I can’t seem to find it. thanks so much

      • For some reason I stopped receiving your blogs in 2022. This week, I was cleaning out my inbox and came across an unread blog from 2021 recommending some links to the teachers of DW. Having organized the first conference in 1996 with Fr Brown and Fr Celso here in Dallas, we’ve continued having conferences every year, some with Fr Young, Fr Brown, Fr Iannuzzi, Tom Fahy but mostly with Tony Hickey who was also a speaker at the 1996 conference. However, due to Covid, we’ve had none for a few years.

        I convinced Fr Bart Tolleson from Montana that folks were eager to get back so he agreed to do one for us in January. Usually 100 come but we are now close to 200 signed up from many different cities. But I’ve been concerned about the number of new people who may be overwhelmed. Then the Lord led me to your link to give them access to the basics beforehand. We have noticed however that newcomers do get it at a faster pace than those of us who began in the 90’s. So thanks for listing those links which I know will help not only the newbees but I myself felt them beneficial for me.

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