I digress again…

I learned a new word this week…




(in professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic.

“a masterful job of blending kayfabe and reality”


There are countless examples of kayfabe online. Some of them do a more masterful job of “blending kayfabe and reality” than others. We need to remember that kayfabe (which is meant to deceive) is dangerous even in small amounts. When the stakes are high, even a little kayfabe can lead to disaster.

Before I continue, I want to say that I believe the decision whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal choice and I respect everyone’s decision. I am not discussing here the moral choice. The Church has spoken clearly on that.* But given the gravity of the evolving COVID situation, which has personally affected me, I feel compelled to pass on resources that, through prayer and discernment, have informed my own decision-making. Below are some videos from sources I have come to trust. Watch them or don’t. Take them or leave them, as you wish. I am just passing on information.

There are a lot of people putting out videos on COVID. Too many to count, and I find trying to zero in on the “truth” is exhausting, confusing, and time-consuming. It distracts me from the best use of my time, which is prayer and holy reading. Many of those videos leave me feeling anxious. I have learned to let peace be a barometer to help in my discernment. So, I have eliminated those that disturb my peace and follow only a small selection of online medical professionals who are able back up their teachings with in-depth analysis of real-world data and proper scientific studies. There are many of them out there, but I have my faves.

Three is a good number, so I’m highlighting three non-political, evidence-based, and very knowledgeable medical professionals. I find them genuine, honest, and caring. I watch them, not because they will tell me what I want to hear, but because they will give me the facts I need in order to make the best decisions for me. It will interest you to know that all three have had videos “cancelled” at one time or another, two of them for actively promoting Iv_rm_ctin and Vitamin D.

I found Dr. John Campbell of the UK early on in the pandemic and have written about him before. His YouTube videos on COVID provide an evidence-based independent analysis of what is going on and has gone on with the global pandemic. He presents and analyzes clinical studies, etc., from various sources around the world, providing links to all sources below the video. I find his manor and approach understandable, comprehensive, as well as calming and refreshing. I have learned a lot from him about what constitutes a valid scientific study and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. This is very helpful when trying to weed out the kayfabe. FYI Dr. Campbell is a retired Nursing Teacher with a PhD, not an MD. He has taught all over the world. If you only watch one of his videos, I recommend this one titled, Risks following infection versus vaccination.

Another voice of scientific reason is Dr. Mobeen Syed (aka Dr. Been), an online medical lecturer from California. His videos are meant for the medical students he teaches but he puts many of his videos on YouTube, and he often addresses the COVID questions we are all wondering about and provides an in-depth teaching on the subject. After watching his videos there can be no doubt, he knows how things work in the human body! This too can help when trying to weed out the kayfabe, particularly those who present simplistic, dramatic explanations for complex biological processes. Though his lectures are geared to medical students, I find Dr. Been very good at reaching people at all levels and his method and manner are very engaging. He covers spike protein cytotoxicity here.

Another medical lecturer is Prof. Roger Sehuelt MD, one of the founders of the MedCram lecture series, and a front-line doctor in a small hospital. All his COVID videos are very informative and credible but I found this video particularly helpful: COVID Vaccine Myths, Questions, and Rumors.

I have a few true stories of my own, which prompted me to put this message up. A member of our prayer group is in intensive care with COVID. Please pray for him in the Divine Will. His name is André.

This week my sister in Florida, a COVID hotspot, emailed me: “The people I know who were vaxxed that got the Delta Variant were sick but not enough to go to the hospital. I know of several unvaxxed people that almost died and are recovering at home weeks after leaving the hospital. I also know of several unvaxxed who have died, many people 30 and younger.” A few days later she sent this: “Remember my friend K? Her husband (unvaxxed) is in the hospital on a ventilator from Covid. They live with K’s parents and thankfully they and K are vaxxed. If you could please say a prayer for him.”

St. Brother André Bessette, pray for your namesake, André, and for all those suffering from any form of this evil scourge, vaccinated or not. Abba Father, In the name of Jesus, In the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit, Under the mantle of Mary, With all the Angels and Saints, Through the intercession of The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Take my humble prayer and make it Your Command, That all be accomplished and completed in Your most Holy Divine Will, Fiat! (The Divine Will Command Prayer)

Fr. Iannuzzi, in one of his podcasts referred to the coronavirus as “a great evil”. He wrote this Divine Will Prayer to Combat COVID-19. I had a dream about the variants in February and posted it here with another prayer.

As I said at the beginning, I am just passing on information that helped me. Take what you like and leave the rest. Let us continue to pray for each other. Fiat!

I am leaving comments open but I do not guarantee that I will clear all or any comments. Opinions charitably stated will have a better chance.

Some kayfabe red flags I have identified (by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Scientific arguments that are meant to persuade, not inform. If something is true there should be empirical evidence provided.
  • Emotional arguments, scare words, etc. The internet is rife with emotion but short on factual information.
  • Generalizations: all, always, never, sometimes, everyone, no one, the vast majority, etc. Good evidence is specific.
  • Anything taken out of context. This is as wrong with scientific studies as it is with scripture.
  • Glaring errors. I found this in a video once: “…there were fewer patients in the ICU in 2020 than in each of the previous three years,” implying that it was data for the whole of each year. The chart was flashed quickly on the screen and I had to pause the video to read it. I saw that the chart data used was for Dec 1-16 only for each of those years, not for the whole of each year.
  • Statements that tell you what to think or how to feel: “Don’t worry”, “This is terrible”, “The evidence is clear”, etc.
  • Statements that appear to say something but really are saying nothing. In one video the presenter said: “The CDC’s own data compared COVID to seasonal flu.” He did not go on to say what the results of the comparison were, only that it was compared. It’s an empty statement.

The really dangerous ones are the ones that do “a masterful job of blending kayfabe and reality”. That’s why I stick to a few that I trust. Let’s be careful out there.

Jesus I trust in you! Fiat!

(*The Vatican ruled on the moral permissibility of receiving vaccines with remote ties to abortion in 2005 and 2008 regarding the German measles vaccine which also has ties to abortion. The statements were originally made under the watches of both Pope JPII and Pope Benedict. Please inform your decision by reading the statements on the moral permissibility of receiving COVID vaccines from the Vatican, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. )


11 responses

  1. Good Morning Janet.

    I suspect you’ll recall a video you posted many months ago on this matter. I suggest its relevance again because the conversation is clearly inspired. I’ve gone back and listened three-maybe four times.
    Here it is again if some of your readers have not listened to Fr Bouvette’s wise counsel about this and all matters of gravity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNHZ0a660nY

    I keep two of your former posts open on my laptop for frequent reference, reading and prayer:

    And https://joyofpenance.wordpress.com/2020/09/08/apostles-of-the-scourging-the-mission-unfolds/

    The image of two petals and a drop is…I have no words.

    Thank you for the courageous manner in which you are answering His call.

  2. I’m a loyal follower of yours with the utmost respect or I wouldn’t be, but I feel this is off the charts and fear based. I did watch a few halves of the videos (as you asked) and shut them off. Especially DrZ somebody who was giving the myths. I just want to ask everyone what was the survival rate before vax. 99.96%. My parish priest in FL came down with it. I did not ask if he was vaccinated becuz that is his business. Remdesivir was his treatment, felt better in 2 days, on the mend. I had 1 flu shot years ago received a value added extra of an Immune Disorder. 2 of my co-workers got the same bonus ding to their Immunes with the same Vax, same time. All of this being said, I WILL NEVER TAKE A VAX where the cells of aborted babes have been used, either in development or in the VAX itself…and I will never trust the man. If it’s my time to go from COVID (flu) FIAT! …May His Will be in me and mine be HIS.

    • Blessings J. I appreciate your honest comment and respect your right not to take the vaccine. We can agree to disagree on what informs our decision-making. (I will just say regarding the link you sent that the real-world data with millions of vaccine recipients does not support Mr. Kennedy’s assertion.) And if we’re honest, there is plenty of fear on both sides. We’re either afraid of the virus or afraid of the vaccine. We either put first priority on the abortion link or first priority on the lives of those around us. Both are pro-life attitudes. The Church allows for individuals to follow their informed consciences. (See links I have added to the original message.) In all this confusion, God is with us and he understands.

      One of my other readers, Lin, posted a link in her comment above to a video that I had linked to last February. I watched the video again and (spoiler alert) took down Fr. Cristino’s final comments because they are golden–as is the rest of his talk.

      “All I’ll say is trust your gut, trust your gut. If the conscience is, as St. John Henry Newman called it, the “Aboriginal Vicar of Christ”, if you are accessing the sacraments, if you are praying, then the Blessed Trinity is dwelling in you, and is speaking to you. And just because you arrive at a different conclusion than someone else doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wrong, (or) that you’re right. All we can do is just go through this life trying our best. The desire to please God already pleases Him. And that is what I’d like to hear. I’d like to hear the Church talking about pleasing God. The decisions that we make, do they please God? That should be our first priority.” (Fr. Cristino Bouvette, “Catholic Minute” with Ken Yasinski, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNHZ0a660nY)

      Which ties in with this quote from the Volumes I found recently: “Your Will is always Holy and whatever way I will be in It, I shall be fine.” (Book of Heaven. Volume 8, June 25, 1907)

      God bless you and yours! Fiat!


    • DrZ would be more credible if he were on some of the panels with doctors worldwide discussing the actual treatment of their sick patients and Vxd patients with adverse reactions or break through. Doctors who have been on the ground floor when forced protocol was not working. God bless them that they honored their oath and jumped in and worked with each other and found treatments that work and ways to heal people and keep them from going to the hospital.

      • Yes, God bless the first-line physicians and medical staff. May he continue to inspire them and may effective treatments come soon to THE WHOLE WORLD! Abba Father, In the name of Jesus, In the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit, Under the mantle of Mary, With all the Angels and Saints, Through the intercession of The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Take my humble prayer And make it Your Command, That all be accomplished and completed in Your most Holy Divine Will.
        I love you and I thank you with your own Divine Will. Fiat!

      • Yes I’ve been saying the Corona Prayer in the Divine Will for a year now daily. I see God working through at least 500 doctors (last total I know of) who although are cancelled and threatened are treating with the inexpensive medicines we pray for. One thing they all agree on is don’t wait, don’t stay at home on otc medicines until you’re sick enough to go to the hospital (usually day 8) get treatment on day 1. Early Treatment is key. God bless all and praying for all of our sick and so much more.

  3. I have eliminated those that disturb my peace
    Day 9 of the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will:
    “The human will is the disturber of souls, and puts in danger the most beautiful works, the holiest things. Everything is unsafe in it.”

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