Seek first the kingdom…

Seek first the kingdom [of God] and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides. (Matthew 6:33)

In the passage below from Volume 14, Jesus highlights the contrast between our human way of thinking and praying, and that of living, acting, and praying in the Divine Will. I don’t know about you, but I need such reminders of how infinitely superior Acts and Rounds in the Divine Will are compared to prayers done in the human will.

In this passage Luisa represents us well! Notice how her human will wants to single out a particular soul to pray for, and how Jesus not only reprimands but illuminates her–and us!

Volume 14, March 10, 1922
Universal effects produced by the acts done in the Divine Will. One who lives in the Divine Will is queen of all.

I was doing the Hours of the Passion and, according to my usual way, I was pouring myself into the Holy Will of God, offering them for the good of all; but my will, as though wanting to appropriate them, very often would say: ‘My Jesus, in a special way for help, relief and liberation of this soul…’ And my sweet Jesus, reprimanding me, told me: “My daughter, everything that one does in my Will is like Sun that diffuses to all; and as one prays in my Will, offering my Blood, my pains, my wounds, these convert into as many rays of light which diffuse to all. They descend rapidly into the deepest prison of Purgatory and turn their pains and darkness into light. Therefore, it can be the same for everyone; and if there may be a difference, it can never be on the part of the one who gives, but of those who receive, according to the dispositions of each one. It happens as to the Sun, which gives light to all equally; it hits and warms one point of the earth just as any other. But who profits from this? Those who work. Which land produces fruit? That in which seeds have been sowed. Any other land, in spite of the light of the Sun, remains infertile. Therefore, distinctions do not exist in my Will; by Itself, It runs, It diffuses, and wants to give Itself to all – whoever wants, can take of It.”

I remained afflicted on hearing this, and Jesus added: “Ah! You would like to act like the Sun, if It wanted to concentrate Its light and Its heat in one point more strongly, to be able to warm it and illuminate it so much as to convert that point into the Sun itself; while it continues its regular course over all other things.” And I: ‘Yes, yes, it’s exactly this – it is the weight of gratitude that pushes me to this.’ Jesus smiled in hearing me, and He continued: “If this is the case, then go ahead and do it. But you must know that since my Will dominates everything, is everywhere, sustains everyone, is known in Heaven, on earth and even by demons, there is no one who can oppose It. In the same way, the soul who does my Will must dominate everything, be everywhere, sustain everything, and I want her to be known by all.”

And I: ‘My Love, I am known by no one. And He: “How is it – you are known by no one?! All angels and saints know you – one by one – and they anxiously await your operating in my Will, like a divine note, and the most harmonious one, which flows over everything they have done in life, to give them greater splendor and contentment. All purging souls know you, as they feel over themselves the continuous refreshment that the working in my Will brings. The demons know you from the power of my Will which they feel in you. And if the earth does not know you for now, it will know you later on.

It happens to one who does my Will, and I act with her, just as I did with my Celestial Mama: I constituted Her Queen of all, and I commanded all to recognize Her and honor Her as their Queen; and I commanded Her to crush with Her foot the head of the infernal dragon. So I do with those who live in my Will: everything is under their dominion, and there is no good which does not come from them.” (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 14, March 10, 1922)

This passage has many layers that need to be masticated well.

We have been given the unimaginable privilege of being called to participate in bringing about the Third Fiat. We know the importance of doing our Acts and Rounds done in the Divine Will. We know they are infinitely more important than prayers for individuals. We know they will have infinitely more effect not only on those individuals we are concerned about, but also on all individuals at the same time. But are we living as if we know it?

The Lord is intimately aware of the deepest desires of our hearts. We don’t have to remind him continuously that so-and-so still hasn’t converted! We must know and believe that he loves that soul far more than we do. Jesus I trust in you. Pray it till you mean it!

The Scripture verse above says it very succinctly: “Seek first the kingdom [of God] and his righteousness, and all these things will be given you besides.”

I once felt the Lord speak this Word to my heart: “You take care of my business and I’ll take care of yours.” His “business” is souls and the Divine Will.  There is nothing he wants more than that the Divine Will reign on earth as it does in heaven. As the first children of the Divine Will, His priority must be our priority.

Friends, we all have individuals we are praying for, but the most important thing we can do for them and for all is to do our Acts and Rounds in the Divine Will faithfully and attentively.

To paraphrase Padre Pio: Do your Acts, do your Rounds, and don’t worry!

Jesus I trust in you. Fiat!

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  1. Thank you for this! Your timing always seems to be spot on with me :). And I do appreciate it so. These are good solid an important reminders on trusting God more and being obedient to the task at hand, praying in the Divine Will for the good of all souls trusting that Jesus loves our family members even more than we do. God bless you and yours. Good night, Melanie.

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  2. Doesn’t this expand what Jesus told Sister Consolata Betrone: “I will think of every thing. You, think only of loving Me”? Jesus asked her to pray the Ceaseless Act of Love , “ Jesus, Mary, I love You. Save souls” from first thing in the morning until she retired, as long as her duties permitted. What graces we are given to know if these possibilities! Thankyou , Janet, for your efforts to make them known!

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