Dream: The Coach…

I recently had a dream about St. Peter, and not really what you’d expect. It was cute, almost comical, but with a deep message.

The only person I could see in the dream was St. Peter. He appeared as a youngish man with dark hair and a dark beard. I saw him in heaven, looking intently down at us. While watching us, he paced around, bursting with excitement. And what was it about us that captivated him—world events, catastrophes, earthly dramas? Not at all! It was our acts and rounds done in the Divine Will! I understood that what he was so eagerly anticipating was the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

His excited pacing reminded me of a minor league hockey coach during Game 7, in sudden-death overtime. His heart is on the ice with the kids. He is hyper-alert to every shush of the blade, every movement, breath, and heartbeat. It is the final hour and everything is on the line for the team, that is, Team Luisa. The coach has every confidence that this little team will be victorious. Indeed, they cannot lose, and he cannot wait!

Now St. Peter was the only person I could see in the dream, but he wasn’t the only person in the dream. Jesus was there too; I could feel his Presence. He was monitoring the saint with a good measure of repressed amusement, like an indulgent parent. Referring to the promised Divine Will Era, Jesus said to me: “St. Peter will be the first to cheer when it happens.”

That was the end of the dream. It may have been short, but it left me a great deal to ponder.

First, I had never considered that St. Peter would be so eagerly awaiting the New Era, but it makes perfect sense. He was after all the first pope, a simple fisherman to whom Jesus entrusted the unimaginable responsibility of building, loving, and caring for His Bride, the Church. Tragically, in these end times, the Bride is bleeding badly and dressed in tatters. But now that St. Peter sees Team Luisa trained and in act, he can’t take his eyes off us. Of course he is keenly interested in our acts and rounds, because Jesus has deemed them necessary in bringing about the fulfillment of the Our Father Prayer! Of course St. Peter will be the first to cheer when it happens! It is what he and Jesus have been longing for. At long last the vindication and purification of the Bride is at hand!

Another train of thought emerged after that little dream. I was kind of surprised that St. Peter’s unrepeatable personality was very much in evidence, even in heaven, even in a dream about heaven. It seemed to me that Jesus took great delight in that personality, now perfected in the Divine Will.

We take a lot of things for granted down here, and I had never really meditated on our personalities as an eternally ordained gift from God, nor pondered the delight he takes in that gift of our uniqueness, or that our personality would follow us into heaven. Here on earth, our fallen personalities are often the cause of pain and suffering for God, ourselves, and those around us. But in heaven, perfectly united with the Divine Will, we become our truest, most magnificent, unrepeatable selves, to our eternal joy and God’s glory!

Let us pray

Uncreated Power you have made each one of us unique and unrepeatable. In the Divine Will, I love you and thank you that we are so fearfully and wonderfully made. In particular I want to thank you for the gift of all the unique personalities in all the souls that have ever existed, including my own. I want to repair with your own Divine Will for all the ways our fallen personalities, distorted by sin, have caused pain and sorrow to you, our brothers and sisters, and all creation. I am so sorry, beloved Father, and offer you the reparations of Jesus, Mary, and Luisa, for your Glory and for the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

I also intend to redo in the Divine Will all the acts Simon Peter did while he was on earth including his glorious martyrdom, as well as all acts of all souls of all time. O Lord, please multiply and magnify this prayer for your glory, for the good of all and for the coming of your kingdom. Fiat!

St. Peter pray for us, the little children of Team Luisa. In the Divine Will, coach us to our guaranteed victory, for the glory of God and the good of all souls! Amen. Fiat!


The Resistant Ones—Those Hardened Souls…

When I first had a profound experience of the Lord in the Eucharist in 1997, it rocked me, and it rocked those around me as the fun-loving person they knew and loved suddenly became a “Jesus freak”. I wanted everyone to know Jesus like I knew him. To say that I was indelicate in my enthusiasm would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to use the words “annoying” and “pushy”. I now see that I was presenting a pretty poor image of Jesus! In the process, I damaged relationships, and eventually had to admit that what I was doing had the opposite effect than I had expected—it pushed them away from God not to him. Mea maxima culpa!

God tried to warn me. About the same time I had a dream where I had a shopping cart full of eggs in those open, flat cartons of three dozen. The cartons were stacked in the cart. In the dream I was trying to move the individual eggs but every time I tried, I put my thumb through them. I understood that the eggs represented souls, and that they are just that delicate and need to be treated gently. Touché!

I can’t say the change in me was immediate, but through confession, apologies, time, and above all prayer I came to the point of substituting overt evangelization of the resistant ones, with peaceful, trusting prayer for souls, which is infinitely more effective, especially in the Divine Will!

I know that every one of us has family members and friends who are away from the Church. As we anticipate events such as the Illumination of Conscience, chastisement, or even natural (or unnatural) death, we can panic and, like me, try to force conversion on others by bombarding them with writings, forcing prayers on them, even telling them they’re going to hell. We need to remember that God invites, he doesn’t compel. And he is patient.

To everything there is a season, a time to be silent, and a time to talk, but only when these resistent souls become open to it by grace, which only comes through prayer. Before that time, we risk pushing them farther away. We have to wait for the fruit to ripen; if we try to rush it we just end up with a sour taste in our mouths. Prayer alone is what ripens the fruit. Once the fruit is ripe, then we can have a deliciously meaningful conversation that won’t descend into an argument. Rarely are resistant souls “talked” into faith. Faith is a gift. Conversion is a gift. But that gift has a price.

What did Jesus do? During his three-year mission, he gained thousands of followers with his words and miracles. Yet, many of them later rejected him cruelly. Did he chase after them? No. He let them go because he respected their freedom—even to reject him. We must do the same. 

That does NOT mean we give up. It just means we change tactics. Jesus later saved those souls by being obedient unto death, death on the Cross. We followers of Jesus participate in his mission most effectively through the cross, offering our prayers and sacrifices in the Divine will, in, with, through, and for him. Through the Gift of Living in the Divine Will we have the full, Divine power of the Cross at our disposal, a power we cannot begin to comprehend in this life.

If we want our people saved, we have to be willing to leave the low road of argument and enter into the Gift of Living in the Divine Will that God is offering us so we can pray “up high” for them and for ALL souls past, present and future. Do we only want to save a few souls or ALL souls? All? Then we must learn to pray from Luisa.

Jesus promised Luisa that he would give anyone who meditated on the Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion a soul for every WORD of the Passion they prayed! That is an astounding promise, but we can trust it completely. As we meditate on the Hours we begin to appreciate the infinite value of Our Lord’s sufferings. We realize that there is nothing we can do or say that will come close to their power. We realize the greatness of this Gift, and the privilege we have been given through no merit of our own, to save souls in a real way WITH Jesus.

Remember it is important to pray the Hours fused into Jesus or it becomes just another human devotion. Fusing makes it a Divine prayer—in God’s power not ours. We enter into our nothingness and “let him do” in us. Luisa’s prayers for “before” and “after” are the best way to do this.

But there’s more! In the Divine Will we can offer Jesus his own sufferings—as our own—along with the sufferings of Mary and Luisa who, in the Divine Will, suffered everything he suffered. We offer them to Jesus to repair for all the sins of those souls we are praying for, and for all souls of all time, to re-do all lives in the Divine Will, and to restore all acts in the Order of Grace, as Adam was before the Fall.

We need to learn to pray like Luisa. In the Seventh Hour of the Passion Luisa prays: “My Mama, I come to You (in the Divine Will in the name of all), because Jesus wants souls – He wants comfort. Therefore, give me your maternal hand, and let us go around together, throughout the whole world (in all times and places), searching for souls. Let us enclose in His Blood the affections, the desires, the thoughts, the works, the steps of all creatures, and let us throw the flames of His Heart into their souls, that they may surrender, and so, enclosed in His Blood and transformed within His flames, we will bring them around Jesus, to soothe the pains of His most bitter agony.

My blog post titled, Apostles of the Scourging includes a link to an excerpted prayer from the Seventh Hour of the Passion. I have spread the prayer over seven days so it is not that long; on each day we pray with the Blood of Christ for a different category of soul. This prayer covers everyone. Fiat!

Remember, God loves our people more than we do. He has already paid the price for their souls and has given us the means to pour infinite graces upon them so that they will accept that grace. It is through the Gift of Living in the Divine Will that we enter into God’s work for souls. But it is God’s work, so we have to be detached from the results, which we may not see in our lifetime. We need to be patient, trusting completely that God will complete the good work he has begun in those souls. We pray, enter into our nothingness, and “let God do” in us—and in all souls through us. Fiat!

Here is another thing to consider. If we did not have specific souls to pray for, how motivated would we be to pray for all souls? God knows us very well. Let us not get bogged down with such problems that serve only to keep us in the “low world”, as Jesus calls earthly things. Instead, let us use them as a launching pad into the Divine Will for the good of all souls, past, present, and future.

A word of caution, beware of self-righteousness; it is a form of pride the devil reserves for good people. We need to ditch it! Until we learn to live in our nothingness, any successes we have could very well lead to pride. Every time we are tempted to try one more thing with someone we know is hardened against the Lord, we have to stop ourselves, do what Luisa did and pray, “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” The tempter will flee at the words. Then we pray and offer sacrifice for that soul until the Lord gives us the all-clear to come in and evangelize with love and gentleness. Let us remain in our nothingness, which is our place of safety, trust in him, and be patient.

Here are two passages on pride from the Volumes. The parts in bold, I pray every day. 

Volume 4, September 5, 1901

Jesus reveals to Luisa, “When you humble yourself and consider yourself unworthy of suffering… you repair for the sins of pride that are committed in the world.” To this (Luisa) replied, “‘Ah, Lord, for as many drops of Blood You shed, thorns You suffered and wounds You endured, I intend to give You as much glory as all creatures should have given You had the sin of pride not existed, and I beseech You for as many graces as there are souls for this sin [of pride] to be vanquished.’ While saying this, I saw that Jesus contained the whole world within Himself, like a machine containing objects within itself. All creatures moved within Him, and Jesus moved toward them, it seemed as if He were receiving the glory of my intention in such a way that souls were returning to Him in order to receive the good I had implored on their behalf. I remained astonished, and He, seeing my astonishment, said: ‘All this seems surprising, doesn’t it? What you have done seems trivial, and yet, it is not so. How much good would be done by repeating this intention, but is not.’ Having said this, He disappeared.” (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 4, September 5, 1901)

Volume 3, Nov. 19, 1899

“My daughter, pride corrodes Grace. In the hearts of the proud there is nothing but a void all full of smoke, which produces blindness. Pride does nothing but render oneself an idol, and so the proud soul does not have her God with her. By sin, she has tried to destroy Him in her heart, and raising an altar within her heart, she places herself on it, and she adores herself.”

O, God, what an abominable monster this vice is! It seems to me that if the soul is Attentive not to let it enter into herself, she is free of all other vices; but if, to her misfortune, she lets herself be dominated by it, since it is a monstrous and wicked mother, it will deliver all of its naughty children for her, which are the other sins. Ah, Lord, keep it away from me! (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 3, Nov. 19, 1899)

Once God has shown us our nothingness, he will lead us where we need to be in order to save souls with Him. We can trust that whatever God takes away (as long as it is good in itself) he means to give back to us in right relationship. And that’s worth waiting, working, and suffering for! Anything he takes away that is not good—good riddance!

The following passage can give us great comfort. Our Mother, Queen of the Divine Will is on our side. We can invoke her aid with confidence. To echo St. Padre Pio: “Pray, trust, and don’t worry.”

Volume 35, August 9, 1937

“If you knew how much this Celestial Queen Loves the souls.  She, faithful copy of Her Creator, looks inside Herself and finds Her Seas of Love, Grace, Sanctity, Beauty and Light; then She looks at the creatures and wants to give all of Herself with all Her Seas, so that creatures may have their Mama with all Her Riches.  Having to see Her children poor, while their Mother is so rich—and only because they do not Live in the Inheritance of their Mother… it is such a Pain… She would like to see them inside Her Seas of Love, Loving their Creator as She does, hidden inside Her Sanctity, embellished by Her Beauty, filled with Her Grace.  But not seeing them there—if She wasn’t in the state of Glory, in which pains cannot have place—She would die of pure Pain for each creature who does not Live in the Divine Will.  Therefore, She prays unceasingly.  She places all Her Seas in Prayer, to beseech that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.

“Our Love is such that, by the virtue of Our Will, She Bilocates Herself within each creature, to prepare the interior of her soul, synchronizing her with Her Maternal Heart, squeezing her in Her Arms, to dispose her to receive the Life of the Divine Fiat.  O, how much She prays, in every single heart, to Our Adorable Majesty, saying:  ‘Hurry up.  My Love can no longer be contained.  I want to see My children Living together with Me in that same Divine Will that forms all of My Glory, My Richness, My Great Inheritance.  Trust me, and I will know how to defend My children and Your own Will, which is also Mine.’

“The Love of this Celestial Queen and Mother is Insuperable.  Only in Heaven will creatures know how much She Loves them and how much She has done for them.  Her most exuberant, magnanimous and Greatest Act is in wanting them to possess the Kingdom of My Will as She possesses It.  O, what wouldn’t the Celestial Lady do to obtain this Purpose!  You too, Unite with Her, and pray for a Purpose so Holy.” (L. Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 35, August 9, 1937)

Finally, these words of hope came in an email from Queen of the Divine Will, quoting Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi’s Book, Antichrist and the End Times.

Lumen gentium points out that “in the most holy Virgin the Church has already reached that perfection.” For that reason “the followers of Christ … turn their eyes to Mary who shines forth to the whole community of the elect as the model of virtues … For Mary … unites in herself and re-echoes the greatest teachings of the faith (LG 60).”

At Fatima our Lady revealed that her heart will triumph and the world will be given an Era of Peace:

“In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and an era of peace shall be granted to the world [129].”

Mary’s privileged role in the end times is reinforced in the writings of Venerable Mary of Agreda (1602-1665 A.D.) and Saint Louis de Montfort:

“It was revealed to me that through the intercession of the Mother of God all heresies will disappear. The victory over heresies has been reserved by Christ for his Blessed Mother… The power of Mary in the latter days will be very conspicuous. Mary will extend the reign of Christ over the heathens and the Muslims, and it will be a time of great joy when Mary is enthroned as Mistress and Queen of hearts [130].”

“The power of Mary over all the evil spirits will especially shine forth in the latter times, when Satan will lie in wait of her heel, that is, her humble servants and her poor children whom she will rouse to fight against him… they will be great and exalted before God in holiness. They will be superior to all creatures by their great zeal and so strongly will they be supported by divine assistance that, in union with Mary, they will crush the head of Satan with their heel, that is, their humility, and bring about victory to Jesus Christ [131].”

St. Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941 A.D.) affirms:

“The image of the Immaculate will one day replace the large red star over the Kremlin, but only after a great and bloody trial [132].”

The 17th century Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser writes on the Era of Peace:

“When everything has been ruined by war, when Catholics are hard pressed by traitorous co-religionists and heretics, when the Church and her servants are denied their rights, the monarchies have been abolished and their rulers murdered… then the Hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change, something apparently impossible according to human understanding [135].”

In the Church-recognized messages of La Salette, our Lady predicted that after the reign of Antichrist, religion will flourish everywhere:

“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist. The demons of the air together with the Antichrist will perform great wonders on earth and in the atmosphere, and men will become more and more perverted. God will take care of his faithful servants and men of good will. The gospel will be preached everywhere, and all peoples of all nations will get to know the truth [137].” (Rev. J.L. Iannuzzi, Antichrist and the End Times, p. 75 ff)

Let us pray with Luisa from the Rounds of the Soul in the Divine Will, Sixth Hour:

“Why don’t you make haste, my Love? You never leave things half-finished. Nor do You give your riches only in part. Therefore, come quickly! If through your Redemption you gave us half of your goods, finish now your work: Make your Will rule and prevail in the midst of creatures!


A Dream about the Triumph…

When the LORD restored the captives of Zion,
we thought we were dreaming.
Then our mouths were filled with laughter;
our tongues sang for joy.
Then it was said among the nations,
“The LORD had done great things for them.”
The LORD has done great things for us;
Oh, how happy we were!

(Psalm 126: 1-3, NAB)

I had an astonishing dream a few nights ago whose meaning has taken some time to unfold. First I will relate the dream as I saw it and then explain what has come to me by way of interpretation.

We were all in prison and by some miracle, the doors were opened and the guards incapacitated. (See Acts 12:5-11 below.) We seized the opportunity and started running. I saw a woman. Thick chords flowed from the top of her head to past the bottoms of her feet, and were tied at her waist. They were blood red and covered her completely. I told her she’d better trim the ends of the chords so she could run faster as we had to get away quickly. She ran with me and after an indeterminate length of time we stopped, both heaving from the exertion. I noticed her clothing had changed. She was now wearing brown and blue and was standing next to the horse from which she had just dismounted. She slid the mantle off her face, looked at me, and smiled the most stunning smile I have ever seen. She exuded joy, confidence, energy, anticipation, expectation, mirth, and triumph! I knew in an instant it was Our Lady.

That was the end of the dream. Now, my interpretation…

The prison. This dream was not about earthly persecution and refuges. Infinitely more to the point of our times, it was about satan’s 6000-year reign coming to an end. Every soul for the last 6000 years has been imprisoned in a fallen world guarded by demons—and been continuously goaded by them. Their time is up.

The escape. I believe our escape in the dream depicts the time immediately following The Illumination, when we will all have the opportunity to break away from our bondage by a singular act of God who will cause us to touch our nothingness with our own hands. It will be up to us to accept our Loving Father’s unfathomable offer of Mercy or reject it.

The red chords. When I first saw Our Lady in the dream she was clothed in red chords from the top of her head to beyond her feet. I believe this refers to her participation, by grace, in her Son’s salvific sufferings by virtue of her perfect, uninterrupted, perpetual, “Fiat!” There is nothing Jesus did not share with her of his sufferings because there is nothing she ever denied him—they were perfectly united in the Divine Will.

The flight to freedom. There seemed to be a time interval between our escape and the time when I recognized Our Lady. I believe this represents the time of turmoil after the Illumination, a time of evangelization as well as persecution. However, I felt that Our Lady would be palpably near to us through it all, that she would help us, and that it was not something we needed to focus on or worry about.

Our Lady’s smile. (Sigh deeply here.) It was glorious, not like a statue, or the usual depictions in artwork. It was alive! A real, flesh and blood smile born from the depths of her heart and soul. A wide smile that made a beautiful dimple in her olive-skinned cheek. It conveyed to me all this and more: “We have arrived, dear child, at the beginning of the New Day. Our Loving Father has made All Things New. This, now, is the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Come let us adore Him—and celebrate!”

The lesson. Dear friends, Our Mama means to encourage us with this dream. What Our Lord has in store for us is beyond our imagining. We need only rely on her sure help in time of trouble, looking forward to the moment when we awake as from a dream on the Dawn of that New Day. Then our mouths will be filled with laughter; and our tongues with songs of joy!


Acts 12:5-11, NRSV

While Peter was kept in prison, the church prayed fervently to God for him.

The very night before Herod was going to bring him out, Peter, bound with two chains, was sleeping between two soldiers, while guards in front of the door were keeping watch over the prison. Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared and a light shone in the cell. He tapped Peter on the side and woke him, saying, ‘Get up quickly.’ And the chains fell off his wrists. The angel said to him, ‘Fasten your belt and put on your sandals.’ He did so. Then he said to him, ‘Wrap your cloak around you and follow me.’ Peter went out and followed him; he did not realize that what was happening with the angel’s help was real; he thought he was seeing a vision. After they had passed the first and the second guard, they came before the iron gate leading into the city. It opened for them of its own accord, and they went outside and walked along a lane, when suddenly the angel left him. Then Peter came to himself and said, ‘Now I am sure that the Lord has sent his angel and rescued me from the hands of Herod and from all that the Jewish people were expecting.’ (Acts 12:5-11, NRSV)

A Dream from 2017…

A friend reminded me of this dream from 2017, which I had posted on my previous blog. The message was very clear, so I decided to repost it.

Dream:In March of 2017, I had a dream about a young woman who was walking at the top of a big hydro dam and somehow slipped and was falling down the wet concrete to the thundering waters below. A young strong man also fell but manage to save himself. After a second, he made the decision to plunge down after her in order to try to save her. Miraculously he reached her and they both ended up being caught on a branch or ledge. The strong young man pulled the young woman up behind him struggling to get them both to safety. Instead of being helpful and grateful, the young woman was berating him the whole time saying things like, “I would have been fine. I didn’t need you to rescue me. Why didn’t you mind your own business?” Once the young man saw that they had made it to a place of relative safety, and seeing that his presence was a thorn in her side, he parted ways with her, making sure she was in a place where she could make it the rest of the way on her own. He placed her in a little stream that was emptying into the dam and told her to go upstream with her mother who was there and make her own way to safety. Then he left. Even though the stream was not deep or fast, they had trouble going upstream. They came to a bend in the stream and another young man appeared. It was the young woman’s “new boyfriend”. Even though she not in serious jeopardy, he was not able to help her out of the stream and offered to go for help. The young woman screamed, “NO! Stay! You can never leave me!” She reached for his hand. He was very happy to be so needed. Neither one seemed aware that this situation was not getting them anywhere. Neither one really even acknowledged the mother who was there the whole time.

I feel the young woman represents so many people who place their souls in grave danger and when Our Lord offers his miraculous help through the sacraments, the Church, the singular graces of the age such as Divine Mercy, Divine Will, and Flame of Love, they are roundly rejected. “I don’t need your help! I can save myself!” It is the height of pride and ingratitude. So, the good and gentle God who has risked all to save the poor soul, leaves sadly, out of respect for that one’s free will, appointing his Mother to be her faithful companion. No matter how much the soul struggles, however, she will not go to her Mother for help. Ah, but this “new boyfriend”, this shiny idol in her life, this new age religion, these occult practices, these thoughts, ideas, and notions, these she clings to with all her might, even though these idols have no power to save.

The ingratitude of the young woman was very stark in the dream. As Providence would have it, Anthony Mullen (may he rest in peace) had a blog post at around the same time on the topic of gratitude, and its necessity in the devout life. You may read it here: Praise and Thanksgiving Increase the Gifts and Discernment of Inspirations of the Holy Spirit. Anthony went to his eternal reward in 2018 but his blog, The Divine Antidote, is still up and worth visiting. I always found his messages to be a tremendous aid in the spiritual life.

May God grant us all the grace of a grateful, humble heart, open to his loving care and his saving help. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, we love you. Save souls!

Psalm 115: 3-11

Our God is in the heavens;
   he does whatever he pleases.
Their idols are silver and gold,
   the work of human hands.
They have mouths, but do not speak;
   eyes, but do not see.
They have ears, but do not hear;
   noses, but do not smell.
They have hands, but do not feel;
   feet, but do not walk;
   they make no sound in their throats.
Those who make them are like them;
   so are all who trust in them.
O Israel, trust in the Lord!
   He is their help and their shield.
O house of Aaron, trust in the Lord!
   He is their help and their shield.
You who fear the Lord, trust in the Lord!
   He is their help and their shield.

Pray with me please…

Last night I had a dream that I did not at first understand. It seemed there was a false mass at which something was being “consecrated”. Afterwards I saw three small flat black boxes of slightly different sizes stacked. They were labeled but I could not read the labels.

I was much puzzled when I woke up and prayed to the Lord that if this dream was from him to please reveal its meaning, and if not, that I would forget the dream.

After recording the dream in my journal I sat down to pray my morning prayers. Then it came to me that the black boxes were three variants of the coronavirus circulating in the world and that I was to pray against them in the Divine Will. Fr. Iannuzzi, in one of his Radio Maria podcasts said the coronavirus was a great evil. So I wrote the following prayer in my journal and ask you to pray it with me if you feel so led.

Prayer against the coronavirus and variants

Pray the Sign of the Cross five times in honor of the Five Wounds of Jesus, to blind satan (Flame of Love).

Fusing myself into you, Divine Healer, in the Divine Will, in the Order of Grace, I enter into the Flame of Love and taking the precious fragments of Flesh and Blood torn from you at the scourging, in the name of all souls, past, present, and future, I fly over the whole world dispensing those precious fragments over all people and places in all times. I do this especially for the souls of the dying, to repair You for all their sins, to redo their lives as if they had never sinned, and to restore all their acts in the Order of Grace. In the Divine Will I also desire to render the coronavirus and its variants, as well as all evil diseases born from the womb of Original Sin, inactive or less virulent to stop the destruction. I also pray that a simple, effective, inexpensive, readily available treatment for the disease will be swiftly approved world-wide. I pray this in the Divine Will in the name of all from Adam to the last, for your glory, O Lord. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Fiat!

The Command Prayer

Abba Father, In the name of Jesus, In the Unity and Power of the Holy Spirit, Under the mantle of Mary, With all the Angels and Saints, Through the intercession of The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, Take my humble prayer and make it Your Command, That all be accomplished and completed in Your most Holy Divine Will, Fiat!

Divine Will Prayer to Combat COVID-19

Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Will, I entreat you, by the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and by the graces God has granted to you since your Immaculate Conception, the grace of never going astray.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am a poor and unworthy sinner, and I beg of you the grace to allow our Mother and Luisa to form in me the divine acts you purchased for me and for everyone. These acts are the most precious of all, for they carry the Eternal Power of your Fiat and they await my “Yes, your Will be done” (Fiat Voluntas Tua).

So I implore you, Jesus, Mary and Luisa to accompany me as I now pray:

I am nothing and God is all, come Divine Will. Come heavenly Father to beat in my heart and move in my Will; come beloved Son to flow in my blood and think in my intellect; come Holy Spirit to recall in my memory and breathe in my lungs.

I fuse myself in your Divine breath O Holy Spirit, giver of life; may your breath extend its healing balm to those afflicted by the corona virus; may your divine breath enter them now and heal them; may they grow in the love and knowledge of your Divine Will. I now offer You, on their behalf, the joys and the sorrows they experience – may none of their sufferings be lost, but welcomed by You as a fragrant offering for the healing and salvation of souls. Teach every afflicted soul to offer their sufferings to You.

Grant them and those who assist them, the Spirit of piety, so that their spirit may augment in virtue. May their thoughts become Your Thoughts, may their words become Your words, may their acts become Your Acts which are all pure and divine. Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of life, teach me to reach perfection. Root out from my heart all vice; utterly subdue my evil passions and all my unruly desires. Perfect in me charity and patience, humility and obedience, and all other virtues. Be my sure defense against the snares laid for me by my enemies, both visible and invisible. Restrain and quiet all my evil impulses, and make me ever cleave to Thee the one true God.

Holy Spirit, Starlight of my soul, infuse in me the piety of your saints and the divine virtues of your angels, so that I may devoutly keep Your Laws. Graciously show Yourself to my lowly soul, draw me near Your Triune Presence Most Powerful and tender God. Amen.

Bold and powerful witnesses…

I just finished watching Mark Mallett and Daniel O’Connor’s video “On Secular Messianism”. I found it to be bold and powerful, an inspired and courageous exhortation to always remember who our true Savior is, and more than that, who our true enemy is. Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. The enemy is very good at diversionary tactics—let’s not fall for them! We need to remain firmly rooted in Christ, who has given us the Church, His Mother, and the sacraments to get us through this unprecedented time and to prepare us for the promised Era of Peace. Eyes ahead!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that in a series of talks on the Six Steps of Living in the Divine Will, Fr. Celso makes this comment in reference to the Fourth Step, “The Test”: “God loves impossible situations, and he puts us in impossible situations. Then he steps back and says what are you going to do about this? And we (need to) say, ‘Jesus you’re really good at impossible situations…Jesus I trust in YOU.’ If we don’t trust him in little things, we are not going to be able to trust him in the big things.”

For my part, God has been testing me in many small things, to build my spiritual muscle. Some passes, a few fails, but at least I am now recognizing these occurrences, mostly minor inconveniences (sometimes blown out of proportion by yours truly), as opportunities to exercise trust in Him, to preserve our inner peace in all circumstances. We need to build this spiritual muscle so it will be there when we really need it. Fiat!

On top of that, the little children of the Divine Will linked to Luisa are not just carrying our own weakness, we are carrying the weaknesses of all souls—past, present, and future! Can we even do this? Of course not! Jesus often tells Luisa, “Let Me do.” We only need to acknowledge our absolute nothingness to give him the space he needs to do in, through, with, and for us what he wishes to accomplish in souls. If the failed tests help us to acknowledge our nothingness, they are not really fails after all! Fiat!

Big stuff is here and more is coming, but we must not be afraid. If we are asked to carry a cross, we are in the best of company, and the Love of God is working in us.

In February 2019, I wrote a blog post titled, Pray for the Church. Here are some excerpts, beginning with a chilling dream.

I was in a school building, alone in a classroom, having stopped for a drink of water before re-joining the rest of the group. A woman came into the room, smartly dressed in black and white. I knew her as a government official. She was accompanied by a boy, around 10 or 11 years old, and he was carrying a baseball bat. She said to me, in a matter-of-fact tone, “Hold out your hand.” I knew three things, that the child was going to smash my hand with the bat as an example to the others, that the woman’s power was absolute and no one could help me, and that her choosing me for punishment was arbitrary. I was no better or worse than anyone else in the school, I was just available. Just being affiliated with that school was all that was required to warrant arbitrary punishment. The boy seemed ambivalent about it all. He would do what was expected.

I woke with a start and felt that this represented the next phase of the persecution coming upon the Western Church (it is already happening elsewhere). During my morning prayers that same day, two passages from the Liturgy of the Hours seemed to confirm what I felt the dream had meant.

The prayer after one of the psalms read:

“Lord Jesus, you foretold that we would share in the persecutions that brought you to a violent death. The Church formed at the cost of your precious blood is even now conformed to your Passion; may it be transformed, now and eternally, by the power of your resurrection.”

(Thursday Week IV, Office of Readings, prayer after Psalm III)

The second confirmation came on the same day in the Office of Readings:

From the Catechesis by St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Even in time of persecution let the Cross be your joy

The Catholic Church glories in every deed of Christ. Her supreme glory, however, is the cross. Well aware of this, Paul says: God forbid that I glory in anything but the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!

For us all … the cross is the crown of victory. It has brought light to those blinded by ignorance. It has released those enslaved by sin. Indeed, it has redeemed the whole of mankind!

Do not, then, be ashamed of the cross of Christ; rather, glory in it. Although it is a stumbling block to the Jews and folly to the Gentiles, the message of the cross is our salvation. Of course it is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it was not a mere man who died for us, but the Son of God, God made man.


He was not killed by violence, he was not forced to give up his life: his was a willing sacrifice. Listen to his own words: I have the power to lay down my life and take it up again. Yes, he willingly submitted to his own passion. He took joy in his achievement; in his crown of victory he was glad and in the salvation of man he rejoiced. He did not blush at the cross, for by it he was to save the world. No, it was not a lowly man who suffered, but God incarnate. He entered the contest for the reward he would win by his patient endurance.

Certainly in times of tranquility the cross should give you joy. But maintain the same faith in times of persecution. Otherwise you will be a friend of Jesus in times of peace and his enemy during war. Now you receive the forgiveness of your sins and the generous gift of grace from your king. When war comes, fight courageously for him.

Jesus never sinned; yet he was crucified for you. Will you refuse to be crucified for him, who for your sake was nailed to the cross? You are not the one who gives the favour; you have received one first. For your sake he was crucified on Golgotha. Now you are returning his favour: you are fulfilling your debt to him.

(Thursday Fourth Week in Ordinary Time, Office of Readings, Second Reading)

The cross is our glory dear friends! Let us not run from it but pray for grace and strength for ourselves, holiness for the clergy, and glory for the Church. God has not left us orphaned. He has given us many powerful graces to defeat the enemy. After I woke from the above dream, I spent half an hour praying the Flame of Love prayer: “Holy Mary, Mother of God spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” Our Lady taught Elizabeth Kindelmann a few simple prayers that would “blind satan”. Adding this simple prayer to the rosary means satan is blinded 50 times per rosary per person. Praying this prayer in the Divine Will in the name of all—incalculable! Well worth the extra 5 minutes it takes to pray the rosary in this way. (Other powerful Flame of Love prayers may be found at the US Flame of Love site or the Canadian site.)

One of the little prayers we pray so often that we may be in danger of taking it for granted, is the Glory Be. Luisa Piccarreta once had a vision of the whole heavenly court as they praised God, continuously intoning the first part of that prayer: “Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…” She then felt a strong call to respond: “…as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.” Jesus then explained to her that by participating, in the Divine Will, with the angels and saints in the ongoing praise of God in heaven, she was able to connect heaven to earth and earth to heaven in the eternal act of praise that all creatures owe to their Creator-God.

Knowing this certainly brings new life and an ever-more glorious mission to this little, eternally powerful, often-repeated prayer! This little prayer in the Divine Will, is a bridge of praise connecting the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant for the glory of God and serves to hasten the coming of His kingdom.

Praise of the Lord poisons the air for demons. Let us pray this little but mighty prayer with renewed fervor, in concert with the Church Triumphant, that evil may be defeated in the Church and in our broken world.

May His Holy will be done; may His kingdom come and come quickly; may His holy Name be glorified now and forever!

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The Illumination of Conscience in the Divine Will…

I feel as if I’m a bit late to the game in listening to the talks of Fr. Thomas Celso, BDV, on the Divine Will. However, God’s timing is everything. Perhaps it is now that He wants me to highlight Fr. Celso’s talks of February 22, 2020 and March 21 2020, which are Part I and Part II of his talks titled, “Luisa and Illuminate (sic) in the Divine Will”. He cites passages from the Book of Heaven that refer to the Illumination and the coming new Era. The passages are available in a downloadable file.

In his commentary, Fr. Celso is continually stirring us up to greater and greater anticipation of what God is doing–His glorious plan for our near future. It is far more than we can ask or imagine, we can be sure of that. In the words of Frances Hogan, “It is beyond beyond!” God be praised! Time for the age of evil to be crushed.

This one series of talks has fired me up to read more, learn more, pray more and act more in the Divine Will. God wants it. “Let me do,” He says to us again and again. And the only right answer is, “Fiat!”

Now, between the time of writing this draft last night, and this morning when I was planning to publish it, I had a half-waking dream. It happened around 3:00 am. I heard these words in my head: “The Lord would like to thank you for reciting the Lord’s Prayer throughout the centuries.” Well, that woke me up! I took it to mean all souls praying the Lord’s Prayer for two thousand years. So I replied, “I would like to thank the Lord for giving us the Lord’s Prayer to get us through the centuries.” At which point I felt suddenly enlightened. “Oh, you mean me! I recited the Lord’s Prayer throughout the centuries!” He was referring to all of us who, in the Divine Will in the name of all from Adam to the last, have in fact recited the Lord’s Prayer throughout the centuries! He wished to thank and encourage us! Wow!

How humble is Our Lord! How humble! That he would thank us for this brings me to tears. He has done it all! Given us the prayer, given us the Divine Will, given us the centuries–it is all Him! All glory to YOU O Lord! Expand our hearts, so we can return more thanks and praise to you in the name of all.

In Fr. Celso’s talks he repeatedly emphasizes that we are nothing, that we have done nothing to deserve this Gift, have not merited to see what we will see, nor have we earned the right to participate in bringing about the new Era. It is simply time. It is pure privilege, pure magnanimous Gift. All is prepared. He is holding the door open if we want to join Him.

I took this picture on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in 2019. The beach at this spot was entirely made up of empty shells spit up and piled all along the shore.

It occurred to me that this pile of empty shells is a good representation of what we need to aspire to if we desire to live in the Divine Will. It is not until we realize our abject nothingness that we can become the vessels God wants to use to bring about the Kingdom. This heap of empty shells allows the Divine waves to rearrange it, the Supreme forces to crush it until it becomes one with the Sea.

“Let me do,” says God again and again.

“Fiat,” answer the empty nothings, blissfully unaware at what point they become one with the All.

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Have No Fear…

Then the Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces, and the disgrace of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8b)

Dream: Recently, I had a dream that a yellow snake was dangling head-first from a tree quite near to me. I was alarmed and asked the Lord to take it away. He said to me, “Touch it”. When I did, I found that it was empty, hollow, like a deflated balloon. I realized it had no strength or power to harm me. Not only that, it was yellow, the symbolic color of cowardice.

The message, I felt, was that the children of God have nothing to fear in these darkening days. Still, fears assail us on every side. It is good to remind ourselves often that we have nothing to fear, that God is in control, and that all we need to do is to remain in a state of grace, and trust in him “beyond reason” as Frances Hogan has said.

(The rest of this message is brought to you by the letter “f”.)

Fear – An emotional response to fearful things or things beyond our control is instinctive, part of our human nature. How we react, however, is well within our control. Prudential actions are always right, but dwelling on our fears only gives them power. Endless news stories, videos, and discussions will likely only serve to magnify the very fears we are trying to dispel. This is no time to feed those demons. Ration the TV and computer, and do not perpetuate revolving discussions. Be a sign of hope for others. “Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.” (Ephesians 4:29)

Facts – Be a fact-checker. What do I know to be true? How do I know this is true? Where is the evidence? Is this person qualified to make these statements? Are they credible? Are they instilling fear? If you can’t get satisfactory answers to these questions, it would be better to set it aside until it can be verified.

Focus – It helps to change our focus to what is necessary and immediate. Once, when I was going through a tough time, I found it effective to stop and ask myself, “Am I ok right now?” The answer was always yes. God is in the sacrament of the present moment, not the unchangeable past or the unknowable future. It helps to get out of our own heads, stop listening to the talking heads, and “put on the mind of Christ.” (Philippians 2:5)

Faith – When those fears creep into our thoughts, reinforcing what we believe could be enough to chase them away. Pray the Creed or the Our Father slowly, taking every phrase into your heart. In St. Faustina’s Diary Jesus told her: “I desire that you would all have more faith at the present time. How great is My joy at the faithfulness of My spouse in the smallest things.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 352)

Father – Who’s kids are we, anyway? The Almighty God’s, that’s whose! Every hair on our heads has been counted. (Matthew 10:30) He has carved us on the palm of his hand. (Isaiah 49:16) Climb into his lap, whisper your fears into his ear and watch them instantly dissolve.

Friendship with Jesus – Of course we all know that Jesus is our friend. Now, I don’t know about you, but treating him that way, talking to him all day is not something that comes naturally to me. Yet I find that when I do it, he makes his presence felt in small ways that only mean something to the two of us. He is near. He knows my weakness. He knows how to build up my trust in him.

Flesh – Jesus is our friend, but also our Savior who gives us his Flesh to eat and his Blood to drink as food for our journey. Wow! That’s taking friendship to an unimaginable level! If we start acting like we carry the Lord of Life within us, it will make all the difference. 

Feast ­– Jesus prepares a feast for us at every Mass in anticipation of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, to which we are all invited. If we remain in a state of grace we have the assurance that not only will we be his guests at the heavenly banquet, but we will reign with him in heaven! Brothers and sisters, we are not made for this world. When the troubles of the world get to us, it might help to get into the habit of saying, “So what? This earth is passing away and I’m made for eternity. Jesus I trust in you!”

Fortitude – Fortitude is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We know that we received fortitude and the other gifts at Baptism, and they were strengthened at Confirmation. The question is, has that gift ever been opened? Is it still waiting to be put into practice? Let us pray. Holy Spirit, we want more of you. In your love, please open these gifts for us, to a full flowering, for your glory and the full flowering of your kingdom. Amen.

Family – Often one of the biggest fears we have is that our family members are no longer practicing the faith. We have tried everything to bring them to faith, but our words fall on deaf ears, and we fear for their souls.

News flash! God has a secret weapon to get them back, and that secret weapon is YOU and ME! God has not given up on our loved ones and we shouldn’t either. He has given our loved ones the gift of OUR faith. And if he has called us to increased prayer and penance, he has given us invincible weapons with which to defeat the enemy. If we have also consecrated ourselves to his Mother, we are behind the velvet-lined shield that no enemy can penetrate. In addition, we are strengthened with the Bread of Life–Jesus himself! Our only weakness then is our sin, and the more we go to confession the more we will plug the holes in our armor caused by sin. We must never be discouraged in our mission, for in Christ, we are assured that we have the victory. Not only that—we are armed and dangerous (to quote Marino Restrepo)!

Fusing – If you are learning about the Gift of Living in the Divine Will through the Vatican-approved writings of Luisa Piccarreta, you will have heard about “fusing” ourselves into Jesus. Fr. Robert Young explains the difference between union with God and fusing in this way: If you have a bottle of water and a bottle of wine and you tie them together, that is union. If you pour the water into the wine, that is fusing. It becomes one substance, but the molecules of each are still what they originally were. Nothing is lost.

It can be as simple as saying with each act, no matter how small, “If you want me to do this, let’s do it together, and if you want me to go, let us go together.” (Volume 12, August 14, 1917)  By fusing ourselves into Jesus—doing everything united with him in each moment—we allow him to live his life again on earth, with unimaginable, hidden (to us), consequences for a multitude of souls. He tells Luisa (May 16, 1917): “My daughter, every time the creature fuses herself in Me, she gives to all creatures the influence of Divine Life; and according to what creatures need, they obtain their effect: those who are weak, feel strength; those who are obstinate in sin, receive light; those who suffer, comfort; and so with all the rest.” I cannot recommend strongly enough the importance in these times of learning about this Gift of All Gifts. It is meant for everyone, and the more people learning about and living in the Divine Will, the better it is for all, from Adam to the last.

St. Francis – Let us not forget our allies in heaven. As a Franciscan I think especially of St. Francis, whose feast day we celebrate this month. He and the whole heavenly army, all the angels and saints, as well as the souls in purgatory stand ready to help us. All we have to do is ask, and if what we desire conforms to the Will of God, it will be done.

Fasting – I don’t need to convince you of the importance of fasting. Our Lady has been calling us to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays for decades now. As he neared the end of his life, St. Francis told his friars often, “Let us begin again, brothers, for up until now we have done little or nothing.” Amen.

Forgiveness – Sometimes our fears are a reflection of our doubts about having been forgiven of our sins. Jesus tells Luisa (May 12, 1917): “I would say to one who doubts about my love, and feared that she might be lost: ‘How is this? I give you my Flesh for food, you live completely of my own. If you are ill, I heal you with the Sacraments; if you are stained, I wash you with my Blood. I can say that I am almost at your disposal – and you doubt? Do you want to sadden Me? Tell Me, then: do you love someone else? Do you recognize some other being as another father, since you say that you are not my daughter? And if this is not, why do you want to afflict yourself and sadden Me?”

Jesus told St. Faustina, “Oh, how I love those souls who have complete confidence in Me — I will do everything for them.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 294).

God’s mercy is infinitely greater than our worst sins, and we do God a great disservice if we think our sins are greater. Repent, confess, and let it go! Then we can in turn become agents of God’s mercy by letting it flow through us to those who have hurt us. This too will bring us freedom from fear and other evil influences. “Pray for souls that they be not afraid to approach the tribunal of My mercy. Do not grow weary of praying for sinners. You know what a burden their souls are to My Heart. Relieve My deathly sorrow; dispense My mercy.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 975)

Fear of the Lord – Fear of the Lord is another of the Gifts of the Spirit. The Church teaches that it is not the quaking fear of punishments from an Almighty God, but the fear of offending one we love dearly and who loves us dearly. It is meant to be a source of peace and not anxiety, of hope and not despair. It is the filial fear of the little one who is afraid to hurt the feelings of the Beloved Father. If we know God as a loving Father, we can surrender to his love and count on his forgiveness and grace in the sacraments. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

Flame of Love – Our Lady gave Elizabeth Kindelmann a special Grace from God for His Church, the Flame of Love Grace, including a way to “blind satan” through the Flame of Love prayers. Much more can be learned at https://flameoflove.us. Try praying a Flame of Love rosary and feel your fears disintegrate.

Fatima – We have the promise of Our Lady of Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She. Promised. Then, whatever befalls us, however dark it is, let us never take our eyes off the light that beckons in the distance.

Forward“This one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on towards the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

The promised Era of Peace lies ahead. This month of October is the month of the rosary, chief weapon of the army of Mary. We have nothing to fear, even should pains befall us. Let us march forward in faith and hope, trusting in God “beyond reason”.

Then the Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces, and the disgrace of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8b)


Luisa Piccarreta’s Stigmata in the Divine Will…

A few things came together for me late last week. On September 17, someone in my Franciscan group reminded me that it was the anniversary of the day on which St. Francis of Assisi had received the visible stigmata. On the same date, I was listening to a talk by Frances Hogan (Volume 12, talk #15) which covers Luisa’s diary entry dated March 14, 1919, titled, “The first soul stigmatized in the Divine Will” (more on that later). I thought the “coincidence” of these two things coming to my attention on the same day was well worth pondering on its own, but there was one more piece. It was a dream I had the night before of someone I have been praying for hugging me and telling me he had been miraculously healed. I felt there was a link there and was motivated to connect the dots.

The visible stigmata of St. Francis of Assisi

The visible stigmata in a person is an outward sign of holiness and conformity to the life and death of Christ. St. Francis is believed to have been the first person to have received the visible stigmata, which was well-documented by his peers. It was unique in that the shape of a nail was clearly visible protruding from the wounds.

There are many miracles attributed to the intercession of St. Francis, both while he lived and after his transitus to the next life. Probably lesser known are the miraculous healings that took place after the death of St. Francis, many by virtue of his stigmata. Here is a very dramatic example taken from Bonaventure—Major Life of St. Francis (1263), Part II:

Some of the miracles which took place after St. Francis’ death

I. The Power of the Stigmata

5. At Lerida in Catalonia a man called John who was very devoted to St. Francis was walking along a road one evening where an ambush had been laid with intent to kill. John himself had no enemies, but the attack was intended for his companion who bore a close resemblance to him. One of the assailants sprang from his hiding place, and thinking John was his enemy, he attacked him so fiercely with his sword that there was no hope for his recovery. The very first blow he received severed his shoulder and arm almost completely from his body and another thrust pierced his chest, making such a gash that the escaping breath would have blown out half a dozen candles.

The doctors were convinced that he could not be saved; his wounds were festering and the smell was so bad that even his wife could hardly stand it. No human remedy could do anything for him and so he had recourse to St. Francis, begging his intercession as fervently as he could. Even while he was being attacked, he had commended himself to him and to the Blessed Virgin. As he lay there alone on his bed of pain, fully conscious and repeating the name Francis continually, a man dressed in the habit of the Friars Minor entered by the window and stood beside him, as it seemed to him. He addressed him by name and said, “You had confidence in me, and so God will save you.” When the dying man asked him who he was, he replied that he was St. Francis and immediately bent over him and unwound his bandages. Then he seemed to anoint all his wounds with ointment. The moment John felt the touch of those holy hands which drew their power of healing from our Savior’s stigmata, his flesh was renewed and the pus disappeared, so that his wounds closed up and he was completely restored to health. Then the saint disappeared. Realizing that he had been cured, John called his wife and broke out joyfully praising God and St. Francis. She came running and when she saw her husband, whom she thought she would have to bury the following day, standing on his feet, she was terrified and the filled the whole neighborhood with her screams. When the rest of the family arrived, they tried to get John back to bed, thinking that he had gone mad, but he would not hear of it and tried to show them that he was healed. They were all so astonished that they seemed to be beside themselves and thought they were imagining things. It was only a few short hours since they had seen him covered with ghastly injuries and putrefying flesh, and now here he was in the best of health and delighted with himself. “Do not be afraid,” he told them. “Do not think you are imagining things. St. Francis has just left me a moment ago and it was he who healed all my wounds with the touch of his holy hands.” As news of the miracle went round, the whole population came to see for themselves, and when they saw the miracle which the stigmata of St. Francis had worked, they were full of joy and admiration, and acclaimed Christ’s cross-bearer with loud praise.

Francis bore the stigmata of Christ who died for us in his goodness and rose again miraculously from the dead and by the power of his wounds healed the human race which had been wounded and left half-dead; and so it was only right that he who was dead to this world and lived with Christ should cure an injured man by appearing to him miraculously and touching him with his hands.

Glorious! (As an aside, I find it to be a great tragedy that St. Francis is more well-known for his love of animals than he is for his conformity to Christ, and the great miracles attributed to his intercession. But that’s the sad world we live in.)

Luisa, the first soul stigmatized in the Divine Will

First of all, it is important to know what Jesus revealed to Luisa about his own passion, the invisible, infinite passion that began from the moment of his incarnation in the womb of Mary and lasted up to his visible passion, crucifixion, and death.

March 18, 1919 (Frances Hogan Volume 12, Talk #15)

“As I was conceived, I conceived all souls, past, present and future, together with Me, as my own Life; and I also conceived all the pains and the deaths which I was to suffer for each one of them. I had to incorporate everything within Me – souls, pains and death which each one was to suffer, so as to say to the Father: ‘My Father, You will no longer look at the creature, but only at Me; and in Me You will find all, and I will satisfy for all. As many pains as You want – I will give them to You. Do You want Me to suffer death for each one? I will suffer it. I accept everything, provided You give life to all.’ This is why a Divine Power and Will were needed in order to give Me so many deaths and so many pains, and a Divine Power and Will to make Me suffer. And since in my Will all souls and all things are in act – so, not in an abstract or intentional way, as some might think, but in reality I kept all within Me, identified with Me, they formed my very Life – in reality I died for each one and I suffered the pains of all. It is true that in this concurred a miracle of my omnipotence, the prodigy of my immense Volition; without my Will, my Humanity could not have found and embraced all souls, nor could It die so many times.”

December 24, 1924

“My daughter, the pains I suffered in this virginal womb of my Mother are incalculable to the human mind. But do you know what the first pain was, which I suffered in the first act of my Conception, and which lasted for my whole life? The pain of death. My Divinity descended from Heaven as fully happy, untouchable by any pain and by any death. When I saw my little Humanity being subject to death and to pains for love of creatures, I felt the pain of death so vividly, that I really would have died of sheer pain, if the power of my Divinity had not sustained Me with a prodigy, making Me feel the pain of death and the continuation of life. So, for Me it was always death: I felt the death of sin, the death of good in the creatures, and also their natural death. What a cruel torment this was for Me, during my whole life! I, who contained life and was the absolute Lord of life itself, was to subject Myself to the pain of death. Don’t you see my little Humanity immobile and dying in the womb of my dear Mother? And don’t you yourself feel, within yourself, how hard and excruciating is the pain of feeling oneself dying, without dying? My daughter, it is your living in my Will that makes you share in the continuous death of my Humanity.”

June 4, 1919 (Frances Hogan Volume 12, Talk #17)

I was thinking about the Passion of my always lovable Jesus, especially when He found Himself under the storm of the scourges; and I thought to myself: ‘When did Jesus suffer more – in the pains which the Divinity had made Him suffer during the whole course of His Life, or on the last day on the part of the Jews?’ And my sweet Jesus, with a light that He sent to my intellect, told me: “My daughter, the pains which the Divinity gave Me surpass by far those which creatures gave Me, both in power and in intensity and multiplicity and length of time. However, there was no injustice or hatred, but highest love and accord on the part of all Three Divine Persons in the commitment which I had taken upon Myself to save souls at the cost of suffering as many deaths for as many creatures as would come out to the light of Creation, and which the Father had granted to Me with highest love.

Neither injustice nor hatred exist in the Divinity, nor can exist; therefore It was incapable of making Me suffer these pains. But man, with sin, had committed highest injustice, hatred, etc.; and I, in order to glorify the Father completely, was to suffer injustice, hatred, mockeries, etc. This is why, on the last of my mortal days, I suffered the Passion on the part of creatures, in which the injustices, the hatreds, the mockeries, the revenges, the humiliations that they used against Me were so many as to render my poor Humanity the opprobrium of all, to the point that I did not look like a man.

Absolutely stounding! So we see that the passion of Jesus lasted his whole life and was largely made up of pains inflicted by the Divinity in reparation for all the human sins against the Divinity. We begin to see the difference between the visible stigmata shared by St. Francis and others, which centered on pains delivered by human agents, and the infinite stigmata in the Divine Will, which centered on the infinite pains Jesus suffered for 33 years, delivered by the Divinity. Luisa herself could not comprehend it and Jesus explained it to her here:

March 14, 1919 (Frances Hogan, Volume 12, talk #15)

The first soul stigmatized in the Divine Will

I remember that one day my sweet Jesus, speaking about His Most Holy Will and about the pains which the Divinity made His Most Holy Humanity suffer, said to me: “My daughter, since I have chosen you as the first one to live in my Will, I want that you too share in the pains which my Humanity received from the Divinity in my Will. Every time you enter my Volition, you will find the pains that the Divinity gave Me – not those which the creatures gave to Me [at the crucifixion], although these too were wanted by the Eternal Will. But since those were given to me by creatures, they were finite. Therefore I want you in my Will, in which you will find infinite and innumerable pains. You will have countless nails, multiple crowns of thorns, repeated deaths, interminable pains, all similar to Mine – divine and immense, which will extend in an infinite way to all, past, present and future. You will be the first one to be, together with Me, the little lamb killed by the hands of my Father, to rise again and be killed again – not a limited number of times, as for those who have shared in the wounds of my Humanity, but as many times as my Divinity made Me suffer. You will be crucified with Me by the eternal hands, to receive in you the mark of the eternal, immense and divine pains. We will present ourselves together before the Throne of the Eternal One, with written on our foreheads in indelible characters: ‘We want death to give life to our brothers. We want pains to free them from the eternal pains.’ Aren’t you happy?”

“Aren’t you happy?” he says. He bestowed on her the most amazing gift of being able, with him, to give life to souls and to free them from eternal pains. We lesser mortals would be more likely to focus on the distressing wrappings than on the glorious gift. But Luisa most often complained when she did not perceive that she was suffering enough for souls. She didn’t understand that the infinite pains were infinitely more valuable than any physical sufferings.

You may be wondering about Jesus’ statement that Luisa was the first one to live in his will, but he means the first one born in Original Sin. Both Mary and Luisa gave their unconditional fiat to the high calling of victimhood, but Luisa as the first human born in Original Sin to do so.

It is incomprehensible to us what mercies God has planned for the days of darkness we are in! All praise, glory, and thanksgiving to our merciful Father!

After such sublime thoughts, it is almost a shame to return to my original point. However, I believe God desires it and the conclusion I am about to share with you seems very logical to me. It is, however, my own conclusion and no one else’s, so I post it for your discernment.

St. Francis was the first human to receive the visible stigmata. Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta was the first human born in Original Sin to receive the infinite stigmata in the Divine Will. If God granted miracles by virtue of the visible stigmata of St. Francis, would he not also grant miracles in the Divine Will by virtue of the infinite stigmata of Luisa? I don’t see why not—and likely much greater miracles! In that hope, I am praying a novena by virtue of the infinite stigmata of Luisa, for the friend I had a dream about. For nine days ending September 25, I am reading daily the March 14, 1919 entry followed by a prayer for my friend’s healing by virtue of the infinite stigmata of Luisa.

I don’t know for sure that this is what the confluence of events was pointing to, but as Luisa’s cause for beatification and canonization is in process I thought I would at least pass on the idea in case any of us might be able to provide the miracles she needs to take her to the next step. My friend in the dream most likely represents all those who are in need of a miracle. Friends, let’s see what we can do to help Luisa up the ladder.

Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, by virtue of your infinite stigmata, pray for us. Grant us miracles for the glory of God and the coming of the kingdom of the Divine Will! Fiat!

Apostles of the Scourging – the mission unfolds…

(I offer all this for your discernment and prayer.)

Recently, after Communion, I felt these words in my heart, “The Stream of Need flows into the Ocean of Mercy”. With that, all the other pieces of my call to be an Apostle of the Scourging clicked into place. This call has been unfolding in my heart (and on this blog) since March. I feel it is a way to live the Gift of Living in the Divine will more concretely for the glory of God, the salvation of souls, and the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


We can only bear infinite fruit if we pray and act while “fused” into Jesus, a theme that is repeated often in the Book of Heaven. Fusing ourselves into Jesus in all we do is essential for those who wish to live in the Divine Will. Quite likely those reading this are doing it already, but if you’re not sure what that looks like, it can be as simple as saying with each act, no matter how small, “If you want me to do this, let’s do it together, and if you want me to go, let us go together.” (Volume 12, August 14, 1917) Or use Frances Hogan’s simple act, “Beloved Jesus, I fuse all of myself into all of you all the time.” These are just two examples. (If you are new to the Divine Will, please see my blog post, Gift of All Gifts.

A dream

 This call began to materialize on March 29, 2020. That day I shared with you A Good Dream.

I was in a quaint little house. A winding stream flowed past it on one side and past the front. I became aware of a larger building behind the house. Suddenly I was floating over the scene and saw an enormous storehouse behind the little house, hundreds of times bigger than the little house I had been in. I asked what it was and was told it was the heavenly treasury. I asked what was in the stream and was told it was the stream of people needing help. In the dream, the storehouse and all that was in it belonged to me and I was able to dispense it as needed.

I felt this was a direct reference to the Gift of Living in the Divine Will. Those who desire the Gift and live in it are given the grace to participate in God’s infinite generosity. As we abandon ourselves in the Divine Will God grants the keys to the heavenly treasury and we become dispensers of God’s extraordinary graces.

A Call

Then, on May 18, 2020 in this post, I wrote a section entitled “Apostles of the Scourging”. I felt that Jesus wished me to accompany our Mother in the Divine Will as she gathered up the fragments of Flesh and drops of Blood that were savagely torn from him in the scourging, then together with her, to distribute these precious jewels from the heavenly treasury into all souls in the Stream of Need, from Adam to the last. Our Mother knows where the tiniest chinks in the armor of each soul are, the least fissures of receptiveness to the Will of God.  It seemed to be an invitation to assist her in a vital missionary activity.

A Prayer

Then, in my July 27, 2020 post, “Praying for Souls before the Illumination,” I shared a confirmation of this apostolate in the form of a prayer from The Seventh Hour of The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Luisa Piccarreta. I divided the passage into segments to be prayed over seven days, and made  printable copy, Luisa’s Prayer for Souls, available on my Prayers and Novenas page.

Luisa’s prayer adds an infinite dimension of understanding to the call to be Apostles of the Scourging. I consider this major prayer the “prevenient” prayer of this apostolate, but we can also use other prayers and sacrifices making the intention to distribute those precious fragments to souls in the Stream of Need, multiplied to the infinite in the name of all. Or we can pray often for this intention, “Most precious Blood of Jesus Christ, save us and the whole world.”

Two Petals and a Drop

Then, I had another dream in which two petals were being pulled from a white rose. When I awoke I felt they represented the fragments of flesh which were torn from Jesus at the scourging. I understood that just as not everyone was comfortable eating His flesh and drinking His blood (John 6:51-60), in the same way, not every soul in the Stream of Need will “accept” pieces of torn flesh or drops of real blood. So, similar to Him being veiled in the bread and wine (I am in no way comparing this apostolate to the Eucharist), so I feel for this apostolate that we are to place in souls, in the Divine Will in the name of all, two fragrant petals and a drop of sweet wine so that they will not “reject” the grace based on appearance. All this is done mystically while being fused into Jesus in the Divine Will, so He does it all through, with, and for us. (All for your discernment.)

Abundant Fruit

This brings us to the words I heard after Communion: “The Stream of Need flows into the Ocean of Mercy.”

So, the Stream of Need is a place of preparation. I feel strongly that these implanted fragments of Christ from the scourging, will enable souls in the Stream of Need to recognize God as their loving Father, making them more likely to come back to him with all their hearts after the Illumination. Free will is never trampled, but God does all he can to draw the soul to himself. Furthermore, no matter how sinful the soul, if it bears a tiny fragment of Christ, the Father will only see Christ when he looks at that soul. That’s our Mother at work, praise God!

By praying Luisa’s prayer in particular and offering other prayers and sacrifices for the souls in the Stream of Need, we are empowering them to walk through the Door of Mercy before it closes. As Jesus told St. Faustina: Write: before I come as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice... —Divine Mercy in My Soul, Diary of St. Faustina, n. 1146  

I had another little dream at about the same time.

In the dream, I had asked for graces and saw a light sprinkling of them falling on me. I asked for more graces and a more intense sprinkling came raining down. I asked for more, and a virtual blizzard of graces fell on me.

Friends, this is no time for spiritual timidity, but for spiritual audacity. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, FULL MEASURE AND FLOWING OVER! We may not be able to do much with our meager physical resources. But in the Divine Will there are no limits. Fused into Jesus let us dip into the heavenly storehouse with confidence and great trust. God is showering us with graces according to our desire. May his kingdom come, and his will be done on earth as in heaven. Fiat!


From the Sixteenth Hour of The 24 Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

The Scourging

Your moans continue to say: “Look at Me, O Father, all wounded under this storm of blows. But this is not enough; I want to form so many wounds in my Body as to give enough rooms to all souls within the Heaven of my Humanity, in such a way as to form their salvation within Myself, and then let them pass into the Heaven of the Divinity.

My Father, may each blow of these scourges repair before You for each kind of sin – one by one. And as they strike Me, let them justify those who commit them. May these blows strike the hearts of the creatures, and speak to them about my Love, to the point of forcing them to surrender to Me.”

And as You say this, your Love is so great, though great is the pain, that You almost incite the executioners to beat You more. My Jesus, stripped of your own flesh, your Love crushes me – I feel I am going mad. Your love is not tired, while the executioners are exhausted and cannot continue your painful massacre.

They now cut the ropes, and You, almost dead, fall into your own Blood. And in seeing the shreds of your flesh, You feel like dying of grief, because in those detached pieces of flesh You see the reprobate souls. And your sorrow is such, that You gasp in your own Blood.

My Jesus, allow Me to take You in my arms, in order to refresh You a little with my love. I kiss You, and with my kiss, I enclose all souls in You, so no one will be lost; and You – bless me.