Volume 12, Dec 28, 1917

As I listened to the teaching by Fr. Robert Young on this passage from the Diary of Luisa Piccarreta recently, it gave me such hope that while we may feel helpless at home, we are far from helpless. The podcast by Fr. Robert may be listened to here: https://divinewilllife.org/?powerpress_pinw=25341-podcast. I encourage you to listen to Fr. Robert’s podcasts. His teachings clear up any questions and eliminate any misunderstanding that may lead to error.

(If you are new to the Divine Will teachings Jesus gave to Luisa, please see Gift of all Gifts for some introductory links.)

Here is the passage he is teaching on from Volume 12 of the Book of Heaven. The translation may vary slightly from Fr. Robert’s edition, but it will be close. We are still awaiting the definitive translation from Fr. Iannuzzi, but are allowed to post excerpts from the better translations that exist.

Volume 12, December 28, 1917
(Summary from the Volume) Jesus wants the continuous acts of the creature. It does not matter if they are small; as long as there is the motion, the seed, He unites them to His own, and He makes them great.

Continuing in my usual state and being a little in suffering, I thought to myself: ‘How is it that I cannot find rest, either at night or during the day; rather, the weaker and the more suffering I feel, the more my mind is awake and unable to take rest.’ And my sweet Jesus told me: “My daughter, you do not know the reason, but I do; and now I will tell you. My Humanity had no rest; even in sleep I had no respite, but I worked intensively; and this, because having to give life to everyone and everything, and redo everything within Me, it was convenient for Me to work without stopping for one instant; and one who has to give life, must be in continuous motion and uninterrupted act. Therefore, I was in continuous act of letting lives of creatures out of Myself, and of receiving them. Had I wanted to rest, how many lives would not be delivered? How many, without my continuous act, would not develop and would remain withered? How many would not enter into Me, because the act of Life of the only One who can give life, is missing?

Now, my daughter, since I want you together with Me in my Will, I want your continuous act. Therefore, your awake mind is act, the murmuring of your prayer is act, the movements of your hands, the beating of your heart, the moving of your glances, are acts. They may be small, but what do I care? As long as there is the motion, the seed, I unite them to mine, I make them great, and I give them the virtue of producing lives.

My acts too were not all apparently great, especially when, as a little one, I moaned and suckled milk from my Mama, I amused Myself in kissing her, caressing her, entangling my little hands with hers. Then, when I was a little older, I picked flowers, I brought the water, and other things. These were all little acts, but they were united in my Will, in my Divinity – and this was enough. They were so great as to be able to create millions and billions of lives. Therefore, as I was moaning, lives of creatures were coming out from my moans; I suckled, I kissed, I caressed, but lives were coming out. Souls were flowing in my fingers entangled with the hands of my Mama; and as I picked the flowers and brought the water, souls were coming out from the heartbeat of my uncreated Heart, and they entered into It. My motion was continuous. This is the reason for your vigil. When I see your motion and your acts in my Will – now placing themselves at my side, now flowing in my hands, now in my voice, in my mind or in my Heart – I make of them the motion of all, and I give life to each one in my Will, giving them the virtue of my own acts; and I make them run for the salvation and for the good of all.”

Luisa Piccarreta, Book of Heaven, Volume 12, December 28, 2011

God bless us all! Fiat!

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Divine Mercy for the dying…

I received this in an mail and have verified that the news story on which it is based is accurate, although I have deleted the link.

A Message from Fr. Philip of the Carmelites in Vancouver

No One Dies Alone Project
I was reading a news report which, quoting a doctor in a hospital in Italy, had the headline: “Everyone Dies Alone”.  It was a very sobering and tragically sad report, describing how, because they have to be isolated, those suffering and slowly dying from Covid19 meet their end without the comfort and consolation of their relatives and loved ones.  The medical staff do what they can, but they are overwhelmed by the task that lies before them.  When I read that headline, immediately I was stirred to begin this little project. Inspired by a scene in the Diary of St. Faustina, where she was spiritually transported by the Lord in order to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at the bedside of a dying man she did not know, I would like to suggest that we would each commit to praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet each day for the days ahead to spiritually place ourselves beside one of the poor unfortunate men and women who are dying alone in hospitals all over the world because of this virus, some of whom are perhaps not well prepared spiritually for their earthly end.  If families were to pray it then several dying persons would be spiritually adopted with the one prayer of the Chaplet. Praying the Chaplet for the dying, we will petition Jesus to enfold them in his Merciful Love in their final hours and grant them a strong experience of his consoling presence before they take their leave of this life.  This would be a great act of mercy and love for those who are victims of this virus and who are approaching their end. Please consider taking part in this project.  There is no need to sign up to anything.  It is a simple movement which, please God, will bear enormous fruit for the souls for whom we pray. I would appreciate it if you were to pass this on to others you know who might be willing to take up this spiritual work of mercy.  In the final weeks of Lent it would be a good spiritual practice to incorporate into our prayer routine.       

Yours in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Philip

Glory! This is such a beautiful thought! Now, dear friends in the Divine Will, let us bump it up exponentially and do this in the Divine Will in the name of all from Adam to the last. God will handle the outcomes, let us proceed in faith, confidence, and trust.

Beloved Jesus, I enter into the Flame of Love, and with Mary, Joseph, and Luisa, I fuse myself into You. As I pray this Divine Mercy Chaplet in the Divine Will in the name of all, I fly to the bedside of all who are now suffering death’s agony, especially those most in need of your mercy, and shower them with every spiritual grace and blessing, with the grace to know and believe in your love and mercy, and with the great grace of final repentance. And if it be your will, give them a signal grace to help them repent. You know their needs better than I do. Apply this also to all souls of all time to give you the greatest possible glory. Together let us see to them all. Jesus I trust in you! Fiat! (Conclude with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy)

A good dream…

I have been having some disturbing dreams of late, as I’m sure you all have. Recently I had a good dream, a beautiful dream, in fact.

I was in a quaint little house. A winding stream flowed past it on one side and past the front. I became aware of a larger building behind the house. Suddenly I was floating over the scene and saw an enormous storehouse behind the little house, hundreds of times bigger than the little house I had been in. I asked what it was and was told it was the heavenly treasury. I asked what was in the stream and was told it was the stream of people needing help. In the dream, the storehouse and all that was in it belonged to me and I was able to dispense it as needed.

I feel this is a direct reference to the Gift of Living in the Divine Will. To those who desire the Gift and learn how to live in It, God grants the keys to the heavenly treasury. He grants us the grace to dispense these gifts to each according to his or her need.

How do we do this? Through prayer and growing in the knowledge of the Gift. Do you see a need but feel helpless? Enter into the Divine Will to access the storehouse of graces. This is possible for everyone and God wants everyone to desire and receive this gift. (See Gift of All Gifts post.)

There are many ways to enter into prayer in the Divine Will in a “current act”. I have taken to using this one lately:

“Beloved Jesus, I enter into the Flame of Love, and with Mary, Joseph, and Luisa, I fuse myself into You so that we may accomplish together all that you desire in this situation. In the Divine Will in the name of all, I shower (intention) with grace upon grace. You know their needs better than I do. Let us see to them all. Let us together fill them to overflowing with love, mercy, grace, healing, strength, and great peace.”

This is just one of many little prayers that fit into the category of an “actual, or current act” in the Divine Will, something to unite all we do with the One Eternal Act of God.

I had another little dream. I had asked for graces and saw a light sprinkling of them falling on me. I asked for more graces and a more intense sprinkling came raining down. I asked for more, and a virtual blizzard of graces fell on me.

Friends, this is no time for spiritual timidity, but for spiritual audacity. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE, FULL MEASURE AND FLOWING OVER! We may not be able to do much with our meager physical resources. But in the Divine Will we can do so much more–and we don’t have to leave the house! In the Divine Will let us dip into the heavenly storehouse with confidence and great trust. God has not given up and neither should we.

Mark Mallett quoted Elizabeth Kindelmann in today’s Now Word:

Yes, even now, a remnant is beginning to establish within themselves this Flame of Love, this Kingdom of the Divine Will (which is why seers say that, for those prepared, the Warning will be a great grace). This is why Our Lady has been appearing all over the world calling us to pray, fast, and prepare so that a small group (Our Lady’s Little Rabble) can lead the charge when the Illumination occurs (see The New Gideon).

All are invited to join my special fighting force. The coming of my Kingdom must be your only purpose in life… Do not be cowards. Do not wait. Confront the Storm to save souls.“—Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann, The Flame of Love, pg. 34, published by Children of the Father Foundation; Imprimatur Archbishop Charles Chaput

And finally, here is something to keep you encouraged. A few days ago I posted an emergency plea for the health of Dan Burke, who was on a ventilator in ICU and was fighting for his life. His wife, Stephanie, requested that as many people as possible pray the “Flying Memorare” novena for Dan, that’s 9 Memorares in a row for an intention. Yesterday a reader, Kati, posted this update in the comments:

I received an email from Stephanie via MyAvila….and have great news. Dan is off the ventilator and out of ICU. I consider this a miracle!! They are asking for continuing prayers for his further recovery and for all who are suffering from this virus. May our God be glorified. To Him belongs all of our praise and adoration. May we shout this out to the heavens for all creatures past, present and future!!!

Beloved Jesus, I enter into the Flame of Love, and with Mary, Joseph, and Luisa, I fuse myself into You. In the Divine Will, in the name of all, I shower Dan and all those who are suffering with grace upon grace, as well as all those on the front lines. You know their needs better than I do. Let us see to them all. Let us together fill them to overflowing with love, mercy, grace, healing, strength, and great peace.” Jesus I trust in you! Fiat!

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Emergency Prayers for Editor of NCR, Dan Burke…

This was posted today on Spirit Daily. Blessed Mother, in the Divine Will, by the glories and merits of your powerful Fiat come to Dan’s aid.

Prayer Urgency: Editor Of National Catholic Register Fighting For Life

March 25, 2020 from the Spirit Daily mail, a plea from Dan Burke’s wife Stephanie:

My friends, I’ve never needed you more.

Many of you have heard by now that Dan and I tested positive for COVID-19 last week and have been very sick.  Dan always knew that he was in the high-risk category and that if he contracted this virus it could be difficult to recover.

As the illness has progressed Dan’s condition has in fact worsened, and he is now in the ICU on a ventilator.  He is fighting for his life.

He is not fighting alone.

I am asking you with everything in me to please storm heaven for my husband.

God has raised armies before and He has raised one now.  He has been preparing us for this moment from the time you joined our ranks and learned with us, side-by-side, the wield the most powerful weapon we have: prayer.

I am begging you to stop what you are doing right now and to say what Mother Teresa called a “Flying Memorare”:  9 Memorares in a row for an intention.  Short, powerful, Marian.

Remember that in the Gospels, before he worked healing miracles, Jesus asked, “What is it that you want?”

With that in mind, please pray very specifically that Dan’s lungs will clear and begin to breathe on their own.  Pray that God will be glorified through a full recovery and the complete restoration of his health.

Thank you in advance.  I will keep you updated.

United with you in prayer,

Stephanie Burke 

“Courage!  Do not fall back.”  – St. Joan of Arc


Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you I come, before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

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Dan Burke

Dreams about the Church…

In going through past dreams in my journal, I see that there are many that are being fulfilled in our day. I will post the year I had the dream. This set were dreams I had about the Church, along with my own prayerful interpretations.

A dream from 2007

Dream:  I was looking at a house.  It was a big house, but the owner lived only in one room.  The furnishings were very shabby.  I left the room he was living in and was taken on a tour of the house by a mouse.  There were two cats running around – one white, one gray.  At one point, one of the cats came up to the mouse and stroked its back, but almost against its own will.  The house had space for many people, but there was no one to fill it.  It seemed to be waiting. 

I asked the Lord what this dream might mean and this is what came to me:  The house is God’s house, the Church.  There is room for a great many people in it but so far only one room is occupied.  The furnishings are shabby because people are giving to God only what they have left-over, almost like the left-overs from a garage sale, the things no one wanted to buy.  About the mouse, I felt the Lord telling me that the house belongs to the humble and lowly who will be served by their enemies, represented by the cats.  There was a sense of expectation – that the house would one day be filled.

Dream from 2009

Dream: I saw a branch in a tree and the branch was full of bird nests. The branch also housed some owls. I could see the branch start to break off the tree. It fell to the ground and the birds scattered. I counted five owls that flew away. The nests were destroyed. In prayer I discerned that the branch symbolized a coming schism in the Church. However it would not last long as the schismatic “bishops” would fly away. In cutting itself off from the tree, the branch would be destroyed. 

John 15: 5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing. 6 Anyone who does not remain in me will be thrown out like a branch and wither; people will gather them and throw them into a fire and they will be burned.

Dream from 2010

Dream: Two nights ago, I dreamed my home was invaded by a group of arrogant young people. Throughout the dream, they were unable to harm me, but they did trash my house. They rang the doorbell and when I answered, they threw a hood over my head, which I was easily able to remove, after which I was easily able to shut the door on them. As I was shutting it they said arrogantly, almost nonchalantly, “It won’t do any good. We’ll get in, no problem.”

I locked all the doors and called 911. The Archdiocesan Chancellor answered and when I explained, he said that he was sorry but he could not come over to help. Next thing I knew the gang was inside and they were trashing the place. A group of them were sitting at the table eating green peppers from the neighbor’s garden. A second group was hanging back, in deference to the first group, waiting for their turn to eat. Suddenly I realized that I should hide my circle-of-life diamond necklace. (Note: I had recently won this necklace in a raffle, my most valuable possession, monetarily speaking.) I went to the bedroom and shut the door. That’s when I woke up.

I feel the house represents the Church. The enemy is plotting against it, and there is little we can do to alter the coming events. Still, we have nothing to fear as nothing will happen that is not within the plans of God. The Chancery represents the Church hierarchy and how powerless it will be in the face of the events that will unfold (fulfilled in our time as the Church continues to reel from the abuse crisis). There is a hierarchy within the gang, as the enemy apes the true Church. The circle-of-life diamond necklace represents the Eucharist, the real circle of life and the treasure of the Church, a treasure that must be protected and hidden if necessary.

As I meditated on this dream I felt the Lord call me to pray and fast for the Church to fight against the those who are plotting its ruin. 

I asked for a Scripture passage and was given: 2 Peter 3:13 But according to his promise we await new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. 14 Therefore, beloved, since you await these things, be eager to be found without spot or blemish before him, at peace.

Dream from 2011

In the following dream, I believe that I represent the church and my father represents God the Father.

Dream: I was speaking to my father about how people were saying bad things about me. My father became very indignant and spoke at length about all that was good about me. At the end, he said, “And you are holy!” I remember feeling so cherished and safe–my father was not going to let things go on but would come to my defense.

Then I found myself in the church building. Our priest was leaving. He was a holy priest, but was not appreciated by everyone. Before he was even gone, there was a sign on the bulletin board about a meeting scheduled for the day after he would leave. The meeting would be about “change” in the parish–essentially to “fix” all he had done in his days of service there.

So, the message of this dream is that God is coming to the defense of his church, even while factions are plotting against it, factions from within and without.

Dreams are always calls to prayer!

Jesus, I enter into the Flame of Love, and with Mary, Joseph, and Luisa, I fuse myself into the Divine Will. In the Divine Will in the name of all, I offer you reparation for all the blasphemies and desecrations suffered by you in the Eucharist, for all the sins of the members of your Holy Body, the Church, laity and clergy alike. In reparation, I offer the love and purity of the Blessed Virgin and every pure and holy act of all souls of all time, as well as all worthy receptions of the Eucharist, and all adorations. Jesus help us to help you. Come Lord Jesus and do not delay. We need you, O gracious King! Keep us safe in your wounded heart as we wait in joyful hope for the return of your Bride in glory. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven. Fiat! Amen.

Dreaming Dreams…

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7)

Dear friends, a reader yesterday asked if I could re-post a dream from a couple of years ago in which I some demons were anticipating being released. I asked my spiritual director and he gave me permission to post dreams that I feel have spiritual significance, so I will do that in the next few blog posts.

As for the dream in question, I found it recorded with other dreams, many featuring demons trying to attack—and failing. Before you read them, I am telling you there is nothing to fear! I never felt fear in the dreams, in fact the least resistance with my most feeble efforts seemed to make them back off right away. There’s a strong message in that. Remain in a state of grace, pray and read Scripture, and especially pray the Flame of Love prayers and Divine Will prayers. The Flame of Love prayers, Mary told Elizabeth Kindelmann will “blind satan” (has an Imprimatur). Of course, praying in the Divine Will not only gives Divine power to our prayers, but it also keeps us from praying in our own will. Let us beg the Holy Spirit to take our prayer to a much higher level than we could ever manage on our own.

Take to heart what St. James tells us above. Even if you’re a beginner in all this, submit to God, resist the enemy, and he will flee from you. I post these dreams as encouragement to persevere. God’s got this!

Dream: A group of us were being tormented by demons. I started us all praying “Jesus is Lord forever.” Someone tried to throw one of the demons on me, but I started to sing a beautiful song praising Jesus. The demons were not able to attach to me. The same day a friend emailed me and said, “Psalm 91 is for you.” Verses 1-3 read: You who dwell in the shelter of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty, say to the Lord, “My refuge, my fortress, my God in whom I trust.” God will rescue you from the fowler’s snare…”

I had this dream in January 2017 just before waking:

Christians were being rounded up. Someone came and told me to get in line. We were told to walk in single file with our hand on the shoulder of the one ahead of us. I didn’t know any of the others in line, but somehow I knew that the young woman ahead of the young man in front of me was not Catholic. She seemed very excited and was telling the young man about a big change that was coming. He said, “You mean I’m going to change?” She replied, “Everyone’s going to change.” I thought, that sounds like the Illumination of Conscience. She seemed to think it would happen very soon. We came to the place where they wanted us and broke ranks. She said that anyone who wanted to teach others about this, to come with her. I was thrilled at the prospect and followed her with great anticipation that this long-awaited event might be imminent.

I share this dream with the caveat that dreams are subject to interpretation, and timelines are not to be taken literally. Is the rounding up of Christians a sign? Possibly, but let us not become caught up in signs, except the sign of Isaiah 7:14. I have learned to interpret dreams as calls to prayer, so I want to encourage us all to step up our prayers for souls, especially those who will die suddenly, but also for those who may be far from God and who will have a very painful experience in the illumination of their soul, either in a worldwide event, or at the moment of their death. The enemy never sleeps and wants to discourage all souls from believing in the infinite mercy of God.

A couple of days after having that dream, again just before waking, I had another dream, very brief. Some demons were in prison and were anticipating their imminent release. I feel this is a call not to become complacent with our prayers, but to increase our prayers and sacrifices wherever possible, offering our every moment in the Divine Will, so that every moment becomes a prayer. When I awoke I prayed the Flame of Love prayers in the Divine Will and felt the strength of those prayers. I often pray this prayer repeatedly during the day or if I’m awake in the night: “Holy Mary, Mother of God, spread the effect of grace of Thy Flame of Love over all of humanity, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” (Sometimes if it seems appropriate I add a name: “…over ___ and over all of humanity…”)

If you are not praying the Flame of Love prayers, you are missing a singular grace. Please see the US site: http://www.flameoflove.us/ or the Canadian site: https://www.theflameoflove.org/movement.html.

In Mark Mallett’s post titled, “The Time of St. Joseph”, he wrote:

“The powerful spirits that are being sent to tempt us at this hour are the antitheseis of St. Joseph’s disposition. The spirit of fear would have us enter the noise and panic of the world; the spirit of distraction would have us lose our focus on God’s presence; the spirit of pride would have us take matters into our own hands; and the spirit of disobedience would have us rebel against God.” And then he quotes the same passage from James above.

God’s got this my friends. Keep praying!

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Entering into Nazareth…

(Friends, I am posting a few passages to whet your appetite to listen to Fr. Iannuzzi or Fr. Robert Young, especially Volume 12, as they interpret Luisa’s writings in the light of Church teaching. There have been many errors made in interpretation, so this is very important. Also please consider purchasing Fr. Iannuzzi’s Doctoral Thesis, which condenses the 8,000+ pages of writings into 400 or so pages.)

The hidden life of Nazareth

What kind of exile will this be? Perhaps Joseph and Mary thought the same thing when they were directed to flee to Egypt in the middle of the night to escape Herod. We do not know their thoughts , but we do know that they just got on with it—knowing it was God’s Will was enough. That exile began their hidden life, thirty-odd years of it, a mystery to us for the most part. Yet now, through the writings of Luisa, we gain a glimpse of the glory and power of those hidden years. More than that, we are given the unimaginable grace of participating in that glory and power through the Grace of living our own daily acts in the Divine Will.

Luisa herself participated in the hidden life of Nazareth, confined to her bed for some 60 years. Her holiness was enrobed with humility and most people did not know the depth of the spiritual life that she was living. From the cross of her bed, she participated in the plan of salvation largely by assisting others, by patiently bearing her suffering and not least, by stitching and embroidering altar cloths. In the writings below, we see what a beautiful, unimaginable gift it is live our daily acts, our own hidden life in the Divine Will.

August 14, 1912
(Summary of passage in the Volume) In order to forget ourselves, we must do each thing not only because Jesus wants it, but because Jesus wants to do it within us. If He redeemed us with His Passion, with His hidden life He prepared the divine action for every human action.

Finding myself in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter, in order for the soul to forget herself, she should do each thing which is necessary for her as if Jesus wanted to do it within her. If she prays, she should say: ‘It is Jesus who wants to pray, and I pray together with Him.’ If she has to work: ‘Jesus wants to work; Jesus wants to walk; Jesus wants to take food. He wants to sleep, He wants to get up, He wants to enjoy Himself…’ and so on for all other things of life – except for error. Only in this way can the soul forget herself; not only will she do everything because I want it, but because I want to do them: they are necessary to Me.”

Now, one day I was working and I thought to myself: ‘How is it possible that Jesus works in me while I work? Does He really want to do this work?’ And Jesus: “Yes I do. My fingers are in yours and they work. My daughter, when I was on earth, didn’t my hands lower themselves to work the wood, hammer the nails, and help my foster Father Joseph in the smithing work? While I was doing that, with those very hands and with those fingers, I created souls and called other souls to the other life; I divinized all human actions; I sanctified them, giving a Divine merit to each one of them. In the movements of my fingers I called in sequence all the movements of your fingers and those of others; and if I saw that they were doing them for Me, or because I wanted to act within them, I continued my life of Nazareth in them, and I felt cheered by them for the sacrifices and the humiliations of my hidden Life, giving them the merit of my own Life.

Daughter, the hidden Life that I conducted in Nazareth is not taken into account by men, when in fact, after the Passion, nothing could benefit them more. By lowering Myself to all those little actions and those acts which men exercise during their daily life, such as eating, sleeping, drinking, working, starting the fire, sweeping, etc. – all acts which no one can do without – I made flow inside their souls a tiny divine coin of incalculable price. Therefore, if my Passion redeemed them, my hidden Life provided each human action, even the most insignificant one, with Divine merit and with infinite value.

Do you see? As you work – working because I want to work – my fingers flow within yours, and as I work in you with my creative hands, in this very instant, how many am I giving to the light of this world? How many others am I calling? How many others do I sanctify, correct, chastise, etc.? Now, you are with Me creating, calling, correcting and so forth; therefore, just as you are not alone, neither am I alone in my work. Could I ever give you greater honor?”

Who can say all that I understood, and all the good that can be done for ourselves and for others, by doing things because Jesus wants to do them in us? My mind gets lost, therefore I stop here.

August 20, 1912
(Summary of passage in the Volume) Jesus is close to us, ready to do well, together with us, all that we are about to do, as soon as we ask Him.

Continuing, my always adorable Jesus, as He came, told me: “My daughter, how sorry I feel in seeing the soul huddled within herself, and operating by herself. While I am close to her and look at her, seeing that many times she is unable to do well what she does, I wait for her to call Me and say: ‘I want to do this thing, but I am unable do it. Come and do it with me, and I’ll do everything well. For example: I want to love; come to love together with me. I want to pray; come and pray together with me. I want to make this sacrifice; come and give me your strength, for I feel weak…’, and so forth with everything else. Gladly and with greatest delight, I would offer Myself for everything.

I am like the teacher who assigned an essay to his pupil, remaining close to him to see what his pupil does. Unable to do well, the pupil gets worried, worked up, upset, and he may even cry, but he doesn’t say: ‘Master, teach me how I should do this.’ What is not the mortification of the teacher, in feeling treated like a nothing by his student? Such is my condition.”

Then He added: “It is said: man proposes, God disposes. As soon as the soul proposes to do some good – to be holy – I immediately dispose the things that are needed around her: light, graces, knowledge of Me, detachments. And if I do not achieve the purpose with these, then by means of mortifications I do not deny anything to that soul, in order to grant her what she had proposed. But, oh, how many forcefully escape from this crafting that my Love has woven around them! Few are those who do not give up and let Me accomplish my work.”

Friends, this pandemic crisis is undoubtedly nailing us to our own crosses, the cross of loss of certain forms of freedom we took for granted like coming and going as we please, learning to be satisfied with less, making do. (Remember that most of human history has consisted of people making do. God provides.) But Luisa was confined to her bed for 60 years. In one of the writings, Jesus told Luisa that since she was the instrument chosen to make known the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, her sufferings would be much greater than it would be for those who came after her. So, as we take up the cross of Living in the Divine Will, we can see it as an opportunity to conform ourselves to Nazareth. Let us call Jesus into every act of our lives. Jesus desires this; he longs for it. He thirsts for the souls he will reach through us. For our part, we will be blind to the effects. Let us not look for results, but humbly and prayerfully call him to participate in our every action. “Jesus, let’s do this together.”

I end with two more passages from Volume 11:

(Summary of passage in the Volume more relevant today than ever!) Good-bye in the Evening to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

Oh my Jesus, celestial Prisoner, the sun is now setting, the darkness invades the earth, and you remain alone in the Tabernacle of love. I seem to see You there in an air of sadness for the loneliness of the night, because You don’t have around You the crown of your sons and of your tender spouses, who may at least keep You company in this voluntary imprisonment.

Oh, my Divine Prisoner, I too feel my heart breaking for having to leave You, and I am forced to say Good-bye; but, what am I saying, oh Jesus – never again Good-bye. I don’t have the courage to leave You alone. I say Good-bye with my lips, but not with my heart; rather, I will leave my heart with You in the Tabernacle. I will count your heartbeats and I will correspond with my heartbeat of love; I will number your panting whispers and, to give You comfort, I will let You rest in my arms. I will be your vigilant sentry; I will be on guard to see if anything comes to trouble or sadden You, not only not to ever leave You alone, but also to take part in all of your pains.

O Heart of my heart! O Love of my love! Leave this air of sadness, be consoled. It breaks my heart to see You troubled. While I say good-bye with my lips, I leave with you my breaths, my affections, my thoughts, my desires and my movements, which will form a chain of continuous acts of love, united with Yours, surrounding You as a crown, and loving You for all. Aren’t You happy, O Jesus? You seem to say Yes, don’t You?

Good-bye, oh Loving Prisoner – but, I haven’t finished yet. Before I go, I also want to leave my body before You; I intend to make of my flesh and bones many tiny little pieces in order to form as many lamps for as many Tabernacles which exist in the world; and of my blood many little flames to light those lamps. I intend to put in every Tabernacle my lamp which, united with the lamp of the Tabernacle that gives You light at night, will say ‘I love You, I adore You, I bless You, I offer reparation and I thank You for me and for all.’

Good-bye, oh Jesus – but, listen to one more thing: let’s make a pact, and the pact will be that we will love each other more. You will give me more love, enclose me in your love, make me live of love and bury me in your love. Let’s tighten more our bond of love. I will be happy only if You give me your love to be able to really love You.

Good-bye, oh Jesus, bless me – bless all. Squeeze me to Your Heart, imprison me in your love as I kiss your Heart. Good-bye, good-bye….

(Summary of passage from the Volume) Good Morning to Jesus

O my Jesus, sweet Prisoner of love, here I am before You again. I left You saying good-bye, and now I come back saying good morning. I was anxiously burning to see You again in this prison of love, to give You my yearning regards, my affectionate heartbeats, my ardent desires and all myself in order to transfuse all of myself in You, and to abandon myself in You in perpetual memory and pledge of my love toward You.

Oh my always adorable Sacramental Love, do you know? While I came to give You all of myself, I came also to receive from You all of Yourself. I cannot live without a life, therefore I want yours. All is given to the one who gives all, isn’t it true, O Jesus? Therefore, today I will love with your heartbeat of a passionate lover; I will breathe with your panting breath in search for souls; I will desire your Glory and the good of souls with your immeasurable desires. All the heartbeats of creatures will flow within your divine heartbeat; we will grasp them all and will save them. We won’t let anybody escape, at the cost of any sacrifice, even if I should bear all the pain. If You should push me away I will fling myself more inside You, I will cry out louder in order to plead together with You for the salvation of your children and my brothers.

Oh my Jesus, my Life and my All, how many things does your voluntary imprisonment tell me! But the emblem with which I see You all sealed is the emblem of the souls, while the chains which bind You completely – very strongly – are love. It seems that the words souls and love make You smile, debilitate You and force You to surrender in everything; and I, pondering well these excesses of your love, will be always before You and together with You, with my usual refrains: souls and love.

Therefore, today I want all of You; always together with me in the prayer, in the work, in the pleasures and displeasures, in the food, in the steps, in the sleep – in everything. I am certain that, being unable to obtain anything by myself, with You I will obtain everything; and everything we will do will serve to soothe each one of your pains, to sweeten every bitterness, to give You reparation for any offense, to compensate You for everything, and to plead for any conversion, no matter how difficult and desperate. We will go begging a little love from every heart, to make You more content and happy – isn’t it good this way, O Jesus?

Oh dear Prisoner of love, bind me with your chains, seal me with your love. Please, show me your beautiful face. Oh Jesus, how beautiful You are! Your blond hair braids and sanctifies all my thoughts; your calm forehead, even in the midst of many insults, gives me peace and puts me in perfect calm, even among the greatest storms, my privations of You, and your fusses, which cost me my life. Ah, You know it, but I move on; my heart will tell You this, for it knows how to say it better than I. Oh Love, your azure eyes, sparkling with divine light, sweep me to Heaven and make me forget the earth but, alas, with my greatest pain, my exile continues yet. Hurry, hurry, oh Jesus. Yes, You are beautiful, O Jesus; I seem to see You in that Tabernacle of love. The beauty and the majesty of your face enamors me and makes me see Heaven; your gracious mouth lightly places its ardent kisses every instant. Your gentle voice calls me and invites me to love every moment; your knees sustain me; your arms clasp me with an indissoluble bond, and I will impress my burning kisses, thousands upon thousands, on your adorable face.

Jesus, Jesus, may our will be one, one our love, one our happiness. Never leave me alone, because I am a nothing, and the nothing cannot be without the all. Will You promise me, oh Jesus? It seems that You say Yes. And now, bless me, bless all; and together with the angels, the saints, the sweet Mama and all the creatures, I will say to You: ‘Good morning, O Jesus, good morning.’

Now, after I wrote these prayers, written here under the influence of Jesus, as the night was approaching, Jesus showed me that He was keeping this ‘good-bye’ and ‘good morning’ inside His Heart, and He told me: “My daughter, they really came out of my Heart. Whoever will recite them with the intention of being with Me as it is expressed in these prayers, I will keep her with Me and in Me, to do anything I do. Not only will I warm her with my love, but I will increase my love towards that soul every time, admitting her to the union with the Divine Life and with my own desires to save all souls.”

I desire Jesus in my mind, Jesus in my lips, Jesus in my heart; I want to look only at Jesus, feel only Jesus, squeeze myself only to Jesus. I want to do everything together with Jesus; play with Jesus, cry with Jesus, write with Jesus; without Jesus I don’t even want to breathe. I will stay here like a fussy little child and do nothing, so that Jesus may come to do everything with me, content to be his toy, abandoning myself to his love, to his chastisements, to his concerns and to his loving jokes, provided that I do everything with Jesus.

See, O my Jesus? This is my will, and You won’t move me, did You hear? So now come and write with me.

14 February, 1912
(Summary of passage in Volume) Jesus looks at everything in the will, and it is there – in her will – that the creature keeps the ownership of her things. In the Divine Will all things become equal.

Continuing in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus came while I was telling Him: ‘Tell me, oh Jesus, how it comes about that after You have disposed the soul to suffering, and she loves suffering, knowing the goodness contained in it, and she suffers almost with passion, believing that her destiny is to suffer – at that very moment You take this treasure away from her?’ And Jesus: “My daughter, my love is great, my rule is insuperable, my teachings sublime, my instructions divine, creative and inimitable. Therefore, in order to make all things – great or small, natural or spiritual, painful or pleasant – acquire one single color and have one single value, once the soul has been trained to suffer and arrives at the point of loving it, I let this suffering pass into her will as her own property. So, every time I will send her a pain, she will always be disposed to suffer it and to love it, since she keeps within her will the property and the dispositions. I look at things in the will, and it is as if the soul always suffered, even if she does not suffer.

Further, in order for pleasure to have the same value as suffering, and in order for praying, working, eating, sleeping – in sum, everything, whatever they might be – to have one single value, since all can be if things are of my Will, I allow the soul to practice all things in my Will with holy indifference. So, it may seem to the soul that just as I give her something, I take it away from her, but it is not true. Rather, it happens that at the beginning, when the soul is not yet well trained, she is sensitive in the suffering, praying or loving. But when, with practice, these things pass in her will as her own property, the sensitivity ceases; and as she occasionally needs to use these divine properties which I made her acquire, she begins to exercise them, as the opportunity arises, with firm step and imperturbable heart. For example: does suffering occur? She finds within herself the strength and the life of suffering. Must she pray? She finds within herself the life of prayer; and so forth with all the rest.”

According to what Jesus says, it seems to me this way. Let’s suppose that I received a gift. Until I make up my mind on where I should keep that gift, I look at it, I appreciate it, and I feel a certain sensitivity in loving that gift; but if I keep it under lock and key, no longer watching it, that sensitivity ceases. With this I cannot say that the gift is no longer mine, rather, it is certainly more mine since I keep it locked, while before it was in danger and someone could have stolen it from me.

Jesus continues: “In my Will all things hold each other’s hands, all look alike and all are in agreement. Therefore, suffering gives rise to pleasure and says: ‘I have done my part in the Will of God; now you do yours, and only if Jesus wants it will I place myself in the field again.’ Fervor says to coldness: ‘You will be more ardent than me if you will content yourself with staying in the will of my Eternal Love.’ Prayer to work, sleep to vigil, illness to health,… everything; all things among themselves, it seems that each one of them leaves its place to the other to be in the field – but each one of them has its own distinct place. Then, it is not necessary for one who lives in my Will to move to place herself in the act of doing what I want; she is already in Me, like an electric wire, doing whatever I want.”

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From the Book of Heaven…

A good portion of Jesus’ words to Luisa Piccarreta found in the Book of Heaven were recorded around the time of the First World War. Jesus told her in advance many of the horrors that were to come. Here are a few of Liusa’s writings that really spoke to me in our current situation. We are allowed to share passages from the writings, even though there is no official English translation as of yet. This translation I am told is very good, and is quite similar to the one used by Fr. Robert Young in his podcasts.

God has given us all time to grow in the knowledge of this trancendent grace, to learn how to live in it, and to listen to more DW podcasts. For new readers, I have listed a few introductory Divine Will resources in this post.

Volume 11, May 18, 1915

… Now, as I was in this state, my sweet Jesus, in order to somehow calm my fears and frights, told me: “My daughter, courage. It is true that great will be the tragedy, but know that I will have regard for the souls who live from my Will, and for the places where these souls are. Just as the kings of the earth have their own courts and quarters in which they keep safe in the midst of dangers and among the fiercest enemies – since their strength is such that while the enemies destroy other places, they do not dare to look at that point for fear of being defeated – in the same way, I too, King of Heaven, have my quarters and my courts on earth. These are the souls who live in my Volition, in whom I live; and the court of Heaven crowds round them. The strength of my Will keeps them safe, rendering the bullets cold, and driving back the fiercest enemies.

My daughter, why do the Blessed themselves remain safe and fully happy even when they see that the creatures suffer and that the earth is in flames? Exactly because they live completely in my Will. Know that I put the souls who live completely from my Will on earth in the same condition as the Blessed. Therefore, live in my Will and fear nothing. Even more, in these times of human carnage, not only do I want you to live in my Will, but to live also among your brothers – between Me and them. You will hold Me tightly, sheltered from the offenses that creatures send Me. As I give you the gift of my Humanity and of all that I suffered, while you keep Me sheltered, you will give to your brothers my Blood, my wounds, my thorns – my merits for their salvation.”

Volume 11, May 25, 1915

As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus barely made Himself seen, and told me: “My daughter, the chastisement is great. Yet, people do not stir themselves; rather, they remain almost indifferent, as if they had to be present at a tragic scene, not a reality. Instead of all coming as one to cry at my feet, imploring mercy and forgiveness, they are, instead, attentive to hear what is happening. Ah, my daughter, how great is human perfidy! Look at how obedient they are to governments: priests and lay people do not demand anything, they do not refuse sacrifices, and must be ready to give their own lives… Ah, for Me only there is no obedience and no sacrifices. And if they do anything at all, it is more pretensions and interests. This, because the government resorts to force. But since I make use of Love, this Love is disregarded by the creatures; they remain indifferent as if I did not deserve anything from them!”

As He was saying this, He burst into tears. What a cruel torment to see Jesus crying! Then He continued: “Blood and fire will purify everything and will restore the repentant man. And the more he delays, the more blood will be shed, and the carnage will be such as man has never contemplated.” While saying this, He showed the human carnage… What a torment to live in these times! But may the Divine Volition be always done.

Volume 11, June 6, 1915

As I was in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus, while remaining hidden, wants me all intent on Him, to plead continuously for my brothers. So, while I was praying and crying for the salvation of the poor combatants, wanting to cling to Jesus so as to implore Him that none of them be lost, I arrived at the point of saying nonsense to Him. Although mute, Jesus seemed to be pleased with my petitions, and willing to concede what I wanted. But a thought came into my mind: that I should think about my own salvation. Jesus told me: “My daughter, as you were thinking of yourself, you produced a human sensation, and my Will, fully Divine, noticed it. In my Will all human actions turn into love for Me and for the other. In the soul who lives in this way there is nothing of her own, because she contains only my Will which contains all possible goods within Itself. So, if she contains them, why should she ask Me for them? Isn’t it rather fair that she take care of praying for those who do not have those goods? Ah, if you knew what calamities miserable humanity will go through, you would be more active in my Will, on their behalf!”

Volume 13, January 11, 1922

Jesus tells Luisa: “Now, see how these souls who live in my Will are necessary to me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of my Church and like circulation of life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the members, and who will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole Mystical Body by their continuous living in my Will, rendering it fully similar to my Head, which will sit in full majesty upon all these members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who live as though dissolved in my Will—they interest me more than anything.”

Luisa: “My love—everything in your Will, my little pains, my prayers, my heartbeat, my breathing—all that I am and all that I can, united to all that you are, so as to give proper growth to the members of the Mystical Body.” (I pray this prayer of Luisa’s every day.)

Fr. Robert discusses this passage near the beginning of this podcast: https://divinewilllife.org/?powerpress_pinw=290-podcast

Come Divine Will! Come to reign upon the earth! Fiat!