November Indulgences…

I just wanted to draw your attention to the below-linked news story at Due to the pandemic the requirements for the November indulgences have been eased. In the Divine Will, let’s try to empty purgatory this November, giving all our spiritual goods to our Mama in the Divine Will to dispense as she sees fit. Fiat!

Decree extends indulgence for the faithful departed throughout November

Stop the chatter!

God has not abandoned his Church–and neither should we. I have drawn attention before to the passage below from Volume 13 of Luisa’s diary, and I post it again because it is a critical piece, especially for us who care deeply about the Church but feel utterly helpless. It seems more and more evident that human solutions will only cause further damage to the Bride of Christ.

I invite you to meditate deeply on this passage from the Book of Heaven, as it is a key passage for those who love the Church. Souls who live in the Divine Will have an essential, yet invisible role to play in the healing the lacerated Body of Christ. The passage below offers us a Divine solution and an essential one. But we need to be willing to give up our own wills and stop the destructive chatter that tears at the Body of Christ from within.

Frances Hogan covers this passage in her talk#12 from Volume 13. I will insert a couple of her comments below and the time-stamp where you will find them in her talk. Of course, the whole talk is well worth listening to, as are all her talks.

January 11, 1922
The souls who live in the Divine Will will be for the Body of the Church like skin to the body, and will bring to all of Its members the circulation of Life.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Holy Divine Will, and I said to myself: ‘All the children of the Church are members of the Mystical Body, of which Jesus is the Head. What place will the souls who do the Will of God occupy in this Mystical Body?’ And Jesus, always benign, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the Church is my Mystical Body, of which I glory in being the Head. But in order to enter this Mystical Body, the members must grow to a proper stature, otherwise they would deform my Body. But, alas! – how many not only do not have the due proportion, but are rotten, wounded, so much as to be disgusting to my Head and to the other healthy members. Now, the souls who live, or will live in my Will will be for the Body of my Church like skin to the body. The body has internal skin and external skin, and because in the skin there is the blood circulation which gives life to the whole body, it is by virtue of this circulation that the members reach the proper stature. If it wasn’t for the skin and for the blood circulation, the human body would be horrible to the sight, and its members would not grow to the due proportion.

*“Now, see how these souls who live in my Will are necessary to Me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of my Church, and like circulation of life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the members which have not grown; who will heal the wounded members, and who will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole Mystical Body by their continuous living in my Will, rendering it fully similar to my Head**, which will sit in full majesty upon all those members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who live as though dissolved in my Will*** – they interest Me more than anything. What impression would this Mystical Body make in the Celestial Jerusalem without them? And if this is what interests Me more than anything, it must interest you also more than anything, if you love Me. From now on, I will give to your acts done in my Will the virtue [power] of circulation of Life for the whole Mystical Body of the Church. Just like the blood circulation in the human body, your acts, extended within the immensity of my Will, will extend over all and will cover these members like skin, giving them proper growth. Therefore, be attentive and faithful.”

Then, afterwards, I was praying, all abandoned in the Will of Jesus, and almost without thinking, I said: “My Love – everything in your Will: my little pains, my prayers, my heartbeat, my breathing – all I am and all I can, united to all that You are, so as to give proper growth to the members of the Mystical Body.” † In hearing me, Jesus made Himself seen again, and smiling with satisfaction, added: “How beautiful it is to see my truths in your heart as fount of Life immediately having the development and the effect for which they have communicated themselves! Therefore, correspond with Me, and as soon as I see one truth developed, I will make it an honor for Myself to make another fount of truth arise.”

* Frances begins coverage of this section at the 46-minute mark. These are our marching orders, friends. Let’s study them well.

** Frances at the 49:28-minute mark: “So there’s no need for us to get involved in any criticism or any chatter about what’s wrong in the Church. We just get on with healing it. It’s wonderful!”

*** Frances at the 50-minute mark – “We’re at the end of an era and the beginning of a new era…And Jesus says, if he doesn’t get souls living in the Divine Will, nothing’s going to end, because his Will WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven…And so the more of us who become involved in cooperating with him in the rebuilding of the Church, the better.”

† Let’s make a point to pray this prayer often. It is short and easy to learn, to pray silently in any situation. From the above passage: “My Love – everything in your Will: my little pains, my prayers, my heartbeat, my breathing – all I am and all I can, united to all that You are, so as to give proper growth to the members of the Mystical Body.”

Friends, it is time to be still and know that HE IS GOD. He is doing a new thing, and if we are shuddering, it should be in anticipation of the glory to come. God doesn’t need an army of angry souls to save the Church. He needs a little rabble of souls who are completely surrendered to the Divine Will. It is by fusing ourselves into Jesus and doing our little acts in the Divine Will that we will collaborate with Jesus in restoring his Bride and ushering in the Era of Peace.

Jesus wants it. Fiat!

Two glorious passages…

Volume 19, July 29, 1926
Everything that Our Lord did invested the whole Creation by virtue of the Divine Will.  Who will put all Creation in feast once again?

“I was doing my usual rounds in the Kingdom of the Supreme Volition, and as I arrived at the point of what the Divine Will had done in the Humanity of Our Lord, I looked at His tears, His sighs, His moans and everything He did, invested with the light of His Will.  Its rays were beaded with the tears of Jesus, filled with His sighs, invested with His sorrowful and loving moans; and since the Creation is filled and invested with the Divine Will, as Its rays of light invested everything, they beaded all created things with His tears.  All things were invested with His sighs, with His love, and all moaned together with Jesus.  Now, sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and leaning His head on my forehead, told me:  “My daughter, by sinning, the first man lost a Divine Will, and therefore my Humanity was needed, united with the Eternal Word, which was to sacrifice the human will of my Humanity entirely and completely in order to reacquire this Divine Will, so as to give It back to the creature.  So, my Humanity gave not even a breath of life to Its human will, but kept it only to sacrifice it, and to pay for the freedom that man had taken, of rejecting this Supreme Will with so much ingratitude; and as he lost It, all of Its goods, Its happiness, Its dominion, Its sanctity, failed him – everything failed him.  If man had lost something human given to him by God, a Saint could have rendered it back to him, but since he lost a Divine Will, another Man and God was needed, who would be able to give It back to him.

“Now, had I come upon earth to redeem him, one drop of my Blood, one little pain of mine would have been enough to put him in safety; but since I came not only to save him, but to give him back my Will, which he had lost, this Divine Will wanted to descend into all my pains, into my tears, into my sighs and moans – into everything I did and suffered, in order to reacquire the dominion in all and over all human acts, and therefore be able to form, once again, Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  So, as a little child, when I cried, wailed, moaned, my Divine Will, more than solar ray, invested all Creation with my tears, with my moans and sighs.  The stars, the sun, the starry sky, the sea, the little flower – all cried, moaned, wailed and sighed, because the Divine Will present in Me was the same as That which reigned in all Creation, and therefore, as though naturally, the stars cried, the sky moaned, the sun wailed, the sea sighed.  The light of my Will brought my echo into all created things, and repeating my acts, they kept company with their Creator.

“Oh, if you knew the assault that the Divine Majesty received in hearing my crying, my moans and sighs in all Creation!  All created things, animated by my Will, prostrate at the foot of the divine throne, deafened It with their moans, drew It with their tears, moved It to pity with their sighs and prayers; and my pains, reverberating in them, bound It to surrender the keys of Heaven, and implored that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth once again.  My Celestial Father, moved to compassion and tenderness by His own Will that cried, moaned, prayed and suffered in all His works, surrendered the keys and gave His Kingdom once again.  But in order to be sure, He placed It in my Humanity, so that at the appropriate time He might give It back again to the human family.  Here is the necessity for Me to do the human actions and to descend into the order of the human actions – because my Divine Will was to take Its dominion and substitute the order of Its Divine Will in all the acts of creatures.  See, then, how much this Kingdom cost Me, with how many pains I ransomed It.  This is why I love It so much, and I want to establish It in the midst of creatures at any cost.”

And I:  ‘But, tell me, my love, if everything You did was invested with the unity of the light of the Supreme Volition, since this Will is one and cannot be detached nor separated from Its acts, the Creation is no longer alone, but has the company of your acts, of your love, of your moans.  Therefore, there isn’t that sepulchral silence You told me about the other time.’  And Jesus, all goodness, added:  “My daughter, you must know that as long as my Humanity remained on earth, and as long as the Sovereign Queen also was there, there was no solitude nor sepulchral silence in the Creation, because by virtue of the light of the Divine Will, wherever this Will was It spread as light, and diffusing in everything, It multiplied in all created things, and everywhere my act was repeated – because one was the Will.  This is so true, that the Creation gave sensible signs both at my birth, and even more so at my death, to the point that the sun became dark, the stones split, the earth trembled, as if all were crying for their Creator, for their King.  They cried for the One who had kept them in feast, who had broken their solitude and sepulchral silence; and, all feeling the bitterness of such a hard privation, they gave signs of sorrow and crying, and returned once again to the mourning of their solitude and silence.  In fact, as I departed from the earth, the One who, in the light of my Will, emitted the voice which, forming the echo, rendered the Creation speaking and operating, was no longer there.  It happened as to those metal instruments which, with artfulness, enclose the voice of one who speaks or sings:  the instrument speaks, sings, cries, laughs, but this happens by virtue of the echo of the voice that has spoken; however, if the intelligence that produces that singing is taken away, the instrument remains mute.  More so, since I did not come upon earth for the Creation, but I came for man, and therefore everything I did – pains, prayers, moans, sighs… – I left for the good of souls as more than a new Creation.  In fact, since everything I did was done by virtue of my creative power, everything is in the act of saving man.

In addition to this, Creation was made for man – in It he was to be the king of all created things.  But by withdrawing from my Divine Will, man lost the regime, the dominion, nor could he form laws in the Kingdom of Creation as is usual with a king when he possesses a kingdom.  In fact, having lost the unity of the light of my Will, he was no longer able to rule, he had no more strength of dominion, his laws had no value; Creation was for him like a people that rebels against the king and makes of him its laughing-stock.  And this is why my Humanity was immediately recognized by the whole Creation as Its King – because It felt in Me the strength of the union of one single Will.  But as I departed, It remained without King again, enclosed in Its silence, waiting again for someone who, in the Kingdom of my Will, would emit his voice to let It resound in it.  But do you know who she is who will put all Creation in feast once again – the one who will form Its echo and will render It speaking again?  It is you, my daughter, who will take back the dominion, the regime, in the Kingdom of my Will.  Therefore, be attentive, and let your flight in my Volition be continuous….”

Volume 13, January 25, 1922
Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty. What it means to have known on earth one more truth about the Divine Will when the soul will be in Heaven.

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, the more truths I manifest to you, the greater variety of beatitudes I give to you as gift. Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty; therefore, every additional truth you know brings beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty into yourself, with which you are enriched. These are Divine seeds that the soul receives; and by manifesting them to others, she communicates these seeds and enriches whomever receives them. Now, since the truths that one has known on earth are Divine seeds which sprout with beatitudes, joy, etc., when the soul is in her Fatherland in Heaven they will be like electric wires of communication through which the Divinity will unleash from Its womb so many acts of beatitude for as many truths as one has known. Oh, how inundated the soul will be, as though by many different immense seas! She already has the seed, and by having the seed, she has space in which to receive these immense seas of happiness, of joy and of beauty. One who does not have the seed – who has not known a truth while on earth – lacks the space to be able to receive these beatitudes.

It happens as to a little one who did not want to study all the languages. As he grows up, and hears these languages being spoken, which he did not want to study, or which he was not given the opportunity of studying – he will understand nothing. In fact, by not wanting to study, his intelligence remained closed, and he made no effort to prepare a little space in order to comprehend those languages. At the most, he will be amazed, and will enjoy from someone else’s happiness, but he will not possess it, nor will he be the cause of happiness for others. See then, what it means to know one truth more, or one truth less – if all knew what great goods they miss, they would compete in order to acquire truths.

Now, the truths are the secretaries [containers] of my beatitudes, and if I do not manifest them to the souls, they do not break the secret which they contain. They swim within my Divinity, waiting for their turn to act as Divine agents, and make Me known – how many more beatitudes I contain. And the longer they have remained hidden in my womb, the more uproariously and majestically they come out to inundate the creatures and manifest my Glory.

Do you believe that all of Heaven is aware of all my goods? No, no! Oh, how much remains for It to enjoy, which It does not enjoy today! Each creature who enters into Heaven, having known one more truth, which was unknown to the others, will carry within herself the seed so as to have new contentments, new joys and new beauty unleashed from Me. And these souls will be their cause and fount, while the others will take part in them. The last day will not come if I do not find souls who are disposed, so that I may reveal all my truths – so that the Celestial Jerusalem may resound with my complete Glory, and all the Blessed may share in all of my beatitudes, some as direct cause for having known that truth, and some as indirect cause, through the one who has known it.

Now, my daughter, in order to console you, and so that you may be more attentive in listening to my truths, I want to tell you which ones are the truths that glorify Me the most: they are those which regard my Will, since the primary reason for which I created man was that his will be one with his Creator. But man, having withdrawn from my Will, rendered himself unworthy to know the values, the effects and all the truths It contains. This is the reason for all my attentions with you: that between Me and you, our wills would run together, and be always in perfect accord. In fact, so that the soul may open the doors and become disposed to know the truths that my Will contains, the first thing is wanting to live of my Will, the second is wanting to know It, the third is to appreciate It. Therefore, with you I opened the doors of my Will, that you might know Its secrets, which man had buried inside my womb, as well as Its effects and the value It contains; and as many truths as you come to know about my Will, so many seeds you receive, and so many Divine secretaries form your cortege. Oh, how they make feast around you, having found one to whom to confide their secret! But the most beautiful feast they will make when they will bring you to Heaven – when the Divinity, at your very entrance, will unleash so many different beatitudes of joy, of happiness and of beauty, all different among themselves, which will not only inundate you, but all the Blessed will take part in them. Oh, how Heaven awaits your coming, to enjoy these new contentments!”

Isaiah 11:6…

The wolf shall live with the lamb,
   the leopard shall lie down with the kid,
the calf and the lion and the fatling together…
(Isaiah 11:6)

…and the alligator and the turtles shall chill on the log together…

On the lighter side…of all the photos I have ever taken, this one is a clear favorite. It was taken at Wakulla Springs State Park near Tallahassee FL in 2011. A preview of the Era of Peace? 🙂

“…and a little child shall lead them.”

Come Infant King, come to reign upon the earth! Fiat!

Greg Dunne…

Blessings all! I just watched this video of the testimony of Greg Dunne with an introduction by Frances Hogan on I found it amazing and inspiring. It ignited anew the flame of the Divine Will in my heart. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. Praise God!

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Are you tired yet? Yup, me too. These are immensely wearisome times, and we all know that the fight is just beginning. We desire do more and pray more, but the mere thought of it is exhausting. O Lord, have pity!

Our Abba knows we are nearing the end of our human resources. That is good news, actually, because when we finally realize we have nothing left, we are more likely to allow him the freedom to act.

God wants this. He is piling on the graces in our day, most especially the unprecedented grace of Living in the Divine Will. Through it we find to our great joy, that he is not asking that we do more, but that we let him do more in us.

If you’ve spent any time in the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, you will know how important it is to faithfully and attentively fuse all of ourselves into all of him all the time in the Divine Will. In that way, through our ordinary acts and functions, we participate in the one eternal act of God affecting all people, places, and times. Wow!

Fr. Robert Young explained the difference between union with God and fusing in this way. If you have a bottle of water and a bottle of wine and you tie them together, that is union. Each remains what they were; they act together but can easily be separated. If you pour the water into the wine, that is fusing. It becomes one substance. The molecules of each are still what they originally were, but nothing is lost. By fusing ourselves into Jesus—doing everything united with him in each moment—we allow him to live his life again on earth, with unimaginable, hidden (to us), consequences for a multitude of souls. We act as one and can never be separated.

In the collaborative work, God is always the main contributor, but he requires our cooperation. Our task is to kick the pebble of our own will out of his way and to grow in virtue so that our clarified (state of grace) drop of water may fuse with his chalice of wine that we may enter into the One Eternal Act of God.

In Luisa’s diary entries of October 4 and 16, 1923, Jesus stresses the importance of making our own will disappear. Fr. Robert discusses those passages in this podcast.

Fr. Robert has often said that living in the Divine Will is simple, but not easy. Fusing can be as simple as repeating often, “If you want me to do this, let’s do it together, and if you want me to go, let us go together.” Or, “I fuse all of me into all of you all the time.” Beginning our day with the prevenient act is important, but the actual acts are too. They serve to remind us—not God—of our mission in the Divine Will. They help us to be “attentive” to the continuous presence of God.

Luisa tells us that God will use everything, and that means everything, to work miracles in the universe, and in souls from Adam to the last. We breathe, and blink, and work, and peel potatoes, and tie our shoes, and pray, and change our oil, and kiss our kids, etc., repeating our fiat In each moment as far as is humanly possible. If our intention is to do it, he will make up for what we lack.

Fr. John O. Brown (RIP) explains it this way. Jesus told him, “I AM the Eternal Now.” Fr. Brown went on to explain that the only place we find ourselves is now. We need to say yes to the now, to give our “Fiat” to this moment, “now, and again, and again, and now, and now.” With our fiat, we can claim each moment as coming from God. In this way we are continuously newly born in the Divine Will. He says to turn off the worry sound-track, which is a huge distraction, and live in the now.

Simple, but not easy. Even if we cannot fully grasp what this truly means, we can trust in the words of Jesus to Luisa. There is nothing more important for humanity than that we accept this Gift of Living in the Divine Will, learn to fuse ourselves into Jesus, and offer our every act to him in the Divine Will. In the Divine Will our acts may even be multiplied to the infinite and have an infinitude of effects. Who can comprehend this? No one. But Jesus told Luisa he wants all of us to do this. Fiat!

God is simple. He is one eternal act. Please, let us begin again to do this. Let us ask for greater graces. Let us give God free reign. What could be simpler?

As the spiritual battle waxes and our energies wane, God is not asking us to go harder but to go deeper into his Volition. There we will find the grace and power he has reserved for these times, the power of the Divine Will that allows the little rabble to wipe out entire battalions with the blink of an eye.

The diary is full of passages on fusing. Here are a few excerpts from the writings of Luisa to help us place our fiat firmly alongside that of Mary and Luisa at the foot of the Divine Throne.

Excerpt from a Letter (#20) from Luisa to Federico Abresch from Bologna:

“All the necessary things, the different circumstances in which we may find ourselves, are Will of God for us.  If we are really determined to live in It, God is so pleased that, if miracles are needed, He will make them in order not to let us use our will.  It is up to us to truly decide, and be willing to give even our life in order to live in It; and dear Jesus and the Sovereign Queen will take on the commitment, will be our sentries, and will surround us with such graces as to not let us be betrayed by our own wills.  More so, since our Lord does not teach difficult things, nor does He impose them or want them, but He facilitates all that He wants from us in an admirable way; even more, He puts Himself in our place to make it easy for us, and does together with us all that He wants us to do.”

Volume 12, March, 18 1917Effects of fusing oneself in Jesus.

I was praying, fusing all of myself in Jesus, and I wanted each thought of Jesus in my power in order to have life in each thought of creature, and to repair with the same thought of Jesus; and so with all the rest. And my sweet Jesus told me: ‘My daughter, my Humanity on earth did nothing but connect each thought of creature with my own. So, each thought of creature was reflected in my mind, each word in my voice, each heartbeat in my heart, each action in my hands, each step in my feet, and so with all the rest. With this, I offered divine reparations to the Father. Now, all that I did upon earth, I continue in Heaven, and as the creatures think, their thoughts pour into my mind; as they look, I feel their glances in mine. Therefore, a continuous electricity flows between Me and them, just as the members are in continuous communication with the head. And I say to the Father: “My Father, I am not the only one who is praying, repairing, satisfying, appeasing You, but there are other creatures who do within Me whatever I do. Even more, with their suffering, they make up for my Humanity, which is glorious and incapable of suffering.

‘By fusing herself in Me, the soul repeats all that I did, and continue to do. What will be the contentment of these souls who lived their lives in Me, embracing together with Me all creatures and all reparations, when they will be with Me in Heaven? They will continue their lives in Me; and as the creatures will think or will offend Me with their thoughts, these will be reflected in their minds, and they will continue the reparations which they did on earth. They will be, together with Me, the sentries of honor before the Divine Throne; and as creatures on earth will offend Me, they will do opposite acts in Heaven. They will guard my Throne; they will have the place of honor; they will be the ones who will comprehend Me the most – the most glorious. Their glory will be completely fused in Mine, and Mine in theirs.

‘Therefore, may your life on earth be completely fused in Mine. Do not do any act without making it pass into Me; and every time you will fuse yourself in Me, I will pour new graces and new light in you, and I will become the vigilant sentry of your heart in order to keep any shadow of sin far away from you. I will guard you as my own Humanity, and I will command the Angels to surround you like a crown, that you may be sheltered from everything and everyone.

Volume 12, April 18, 1917Pouring oneself into the Divine Will and fusing oneself in Jesus, form beneficial dew over all creatures.

I was fusing myself in my sweet Jesus in order to diffuse myself in all creatures, and fuse them all in Jesus. So I kept flinging myself between the creatures and Jesus, to prevent my beloved Jesus from being offended, and to prevent creatures from offending Him. Now, as I was doing this, He told me: “My daughter, as you pour yourself into my Will and fuse yourself in Me, a Sun is formed in you. As you keep thinking, loving, repairing, etc., the rays are formed; and my Will, as background, becomes the crown of these rays. So the Sun is formed which, rising up in the air, melts into beneficial dew upon all creatures. Therefore, the more you fuse yourself in Me, the more Suns you keep forming.

“Oh, how beautiful it is to see these Suns which, rising and rising, remain circumfused within my own Sun, and pour beneficial dew upon all! How many graces do creatures not receive! I am so taken by this, that as they fuse themselves, I pour abundant dew of all kinds of graces upon them, so that they may form greater Suns, and may be able to pour the beneficial dew more abundantly over all.”

And as I was fusing myself, I could feel light, love, graces, being poured upon my head.

Volume 12, July 25, 1917Jesus purifies the soul to admit her to live in His Will.

Continuing in my usual state, I was lamenting to Jesus, and I also prayed Him to put an end to the many chastisements. And Jesus told me: ‘My daughter, why do you lament? This is nothing yet; the great chastisements will come. The creature has rendered herself unbearable. Under the blows, she rebels even more; and she does not even want to recognize my hand that strikes her. I have no other means to use, other than to exterminate her. In this way I will be able to remove many lives which infect the earth and kill my growing generation. So, do not expect an end for now, but rather, more and worse troubles. There will not be a place on earth, which will not be soaked in blood.’

On hearing this, I felt my heart being lacerated. And Jesus, wanting to cheer me, told me: ‘My daughter, come into my Will to do what I do. In my Will you will be able to run for the good of all creatures; and by the power of my Volition, you will be able to rescue them from within the blood in which they are swimming, so as to bring them back to Me, washed with their own blood, with the touch of my Will.

And I: ‘My Life, I am so bad. How can I do this?’ And He: ‘You must know that the most noble, the most sublime, the greatest and most heroic act is to do my Will, and to operate in my Volition. At this act, which no one else can equal, I display the pomp of all my Love and generosity. As soon as the soul decides to do It – in the act in which the two wills meet to be fused into each other and become one – to give her the honor of keeping her in my Volition, if she is stained, I purify her; if the thorns of human nature envelope her, I shatter them; and if some nail pierces her – that is, sin – I pulverize it, because nothing evil can enter my Will. Even more, all my attributes invest her, turning her weakness into fortitude, ignorance into wisdom, misery into richness, and so with all the rest. Something from herself always remains in other acts, but in these she remains completely stripped of herself, and I fill her completely with Me.

Volume 13, January 11, 1922 – Circulation of Life for the Church

Jesus to Luisa: ‘Now, see how these souls who live in my Will are necessary to Me. Since I have destined them to be like skin to the body of my Church, and like circulation of life for all the members, they will be the ones who will give the proper growth to the members which have not grown; who will heal the wounded members, and who will restore the freshness, the beauty, the splendor of the whole Mystical Body by their continuous living in my Will, rendering it fully similar to my Head, which will sit in full majesty upon all those members. This is why the end of days cannot come if I do not have these souls who live as though dissolved in my Will – they interest Me more than anything.’

Then, afterwards, I was praying, all abandoned in the Will of Jesus, and almost without thinking, I said: ‘My Love – everything in your Will: my little pains, my prayers, my heartbeat, my breathing – all I am and all I can do, united to all that You are, so as to give proper growth to the members of the Mystical Body.”

Volume 12, May 16, 1917Effects of the Hours of the Passion.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was fusing all of myself in my sweet Jesus, and then I poured all of myself into the creatures, in order to give the whole of Jesus to all. And my lovable Jesus told me: ‘My daughter, every time the creature fuses herself in Me, she gives the influence of Divine Life to all creatures; and according to their own needs, the creatures obtain their effects: those who are weak, feel strength; those who are obstinate in sin, receive light; those who suffer, receive comfort; and so with all the rest.’

Then, I found myself outside of myself. I was in the midst of many souls – they seemed to be purging souls and Saints – who were speaking to me and mentioning one person known to me, who died not too long ago. And they said to me: ‘He feels happy in seeing that there is not a soul who enters Purgatory without carrying the mark of the Hours of the Passion. Surrounded by the cortege of these Hours and helped by them, the souls take a safe place. And there is not a soul who flies into Heaven, without being accompanied by these Hours of the Passion. These Hours make a continuous dew pour down from Heaven to earth, into Purgatory, and even into Heaven.’

On hearing this, I said to myself: ‘Maybe my beloved Jesus, in order to keep the word He had given – that for each word of the Hours of the Passion He would give a soul – is allowing that there be not a saved soul who does not benefit from these Hours.

Afterwards, I returned into myself, and as I found my sweet Jesus, I asked Him whether that was true. And He: ‘These Hours are the order of the Universe; they put Heaven and earth in harmony, and restrain Me from sending the world to ruin. I feel my Blood, my wounds, my Love and all I did, being placed in circulation; and they flow over all to save all. As souls do these Hours of the Passion, I feel my Blood, my wounds, my anxieties to save souls, being put in motion, and I feel my own Life being repeated. How could creatures obtain any good if not by means of these Hours? Why do you doubt? This thing is not yours, but mine. You have been the strained and weak instrument.’

The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion – Excerpt from the Eighteenth Hour

Oh, pang of your two Hearts! The soldiers notice it, and with blows and shoving prevent Mama and Son from exchanging the last good-bye. The torment of both is such that your Mama remains petrified by the pain, and is about to die. Faithful John and the pious women sustain Her, while You fall again under the Cross. Then, your sorrowful Mama does with Her soul that which She cannot do with Her Body, because She is prevented: She enters into You, makes the Will of the Eternal One Her own, and associating Herself in all your pains, performs the office of your Mother, kisses You, repairs You, soothes You, and pours the balm of Her sorrowful love into all your wounds!

My suffering Jesus, I too unite with the pierced Mama. I make all your pains, and every drop of your Blood my own; in each wound I want to act as a mama for You, and together with Her, and with You, I repair for all the dangerous encounters, and for those who expose themselves to occasions of sin, or, forced by necessity to be exposed, remain entangled in sin.

My Jesus, while I repair with You, I beg You to hold me in your arms, but so tightly that there may be no pain that You suffer in which I do not take part, so as to be transformed in them and make up for the abandonment of all creatures. My Jesus, overcome with weariness, all bent over, You can hardly walk; but I see that You stop and try to look. My Heart, what is it? What are You looking for? Ah, it is Veronica, who, fearless and courageous, with a cloth dries your Face all covered with blood, and You leave your Face impressed on it, in sign of gratitude. My generous Jesus, I too want to dry You, but not with a cloth; I want to expose all of myself to relieve You, I want to enter into your interior and give You, O Jesus, heartbeat for heartbeat, breath for breath, affection for affection, desire for desire. I intend to dive into your Most Holy Intelligence, and making all these heartbeats, breaths, affections and desires flow in the immensity of your Will, I intend to multiply them to infinity. I want, O my Jesus, to form waves of heartbeats, so that not one evil heartbeat may resound in your Heart, and so soothe all your interior bitternesses. I intend to form waves of affections and desires to cast away all evil affections and desires which might, even slightly, sadden your Heart. Still more, O my Jesus, I intend to form waves of breaths and thoughts, to cast away any breath or thought that could slightly displease You. I will be on guard, O Jesus, so that nothing else may afflict You, adding more bitterness to your interior pains. O my Jesus, please, let all of my interior swim in the immensity of yours; in this way I will be able to find enough love and will, so that no evil love may enter your interior, nor a will which may displease You.

O my Jesus, to be more certain, I beg You to seal my thoughts with Yours, my will with Yours, my desires with Yours, my affections and heartbeats with Yours; so that, being sealed, they may take no life but from You I ask You, again, O my Jesus, to accept my poor body which I would want to tear to shreds for love of You, and reduce it to tiny little pieces, to place over each one of your wounds. On that wound, O Jesus, which gives You pain from so many blasphemies, I place a little piece of my body, wanting it to say to You constantly: “I bless You”. On that wound that gives You so much pain from the many ingratitudes, I intend, O Jesus, to place a portion of my body, to prove my gratitude to You. On that wound, O Jesus, which makes You suffer so much from coldness and lack of love, I intend to place many little bits of my flesh, to say to You constantly: “I love You, I love You, I love You!” On that wound which gives You so much pain from the so many irreverences to your Most Holy Person, I intend to place a piece of myself, to tell You always: “I adore You, I adore You, I adore You!” O my Jesus, I want to diffuse myself in everything, and in those wounds embittered by the many misbeliefs, I desire that the shreds of my body tell You, always: “I believe – I believe in You, O my Jesus, my God, and in your Holy Church, and I intend to give my life to prove my Faith to You!” O my Jesus, I plunge myself into the immensity of your Will, and making It my own, I want to compensate for all, and enclose the souls of all in the power of your Most Holy Will. O Jesus, I still have my blood left, which I want to pour over your wounds as balm and soothing liniment, in order to relieve You and heal You completely. Again, I intend, O Jesus, to make my thoughts flow in the heart of every sinner, to reprimand him continuously, that he may not dare to offend You. And I pray to You with the voice of your Blood, so that all may surrender to my poor prayers. In this way I will be able to bring them into your Heart! Another grace, O my Jesus, I ask of You: that in everything I see, touch and hear, I may see, touch and hear always You; and that your most holy image and your most holy Name, always be impressed in every particle of my poor being.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving…

Yesterday on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary I felt the Lord give me a prayer to thank our Blessed Mother on behalf of all, including Himself, for all she has done, is doing, and will do for Him and for all. The debt we owe her will only be fully revealed in heaven and we will be astounded.

The prayer:

In the Divine Will, all fused into You, Jesus, I pierce my heart and let love and gratitude pour out for all that our Blessed Mother does eternally in the Divine Will on our behalf. But how can such a debt be repaid except by Divine Love poured out and magnified? So, since my love is vastly inadequate, I pour Your love into Her, and Her love into You. Even more, I pour Your love through Her into all humanity, and Her love through Your pierced heart into all humanity. Then, taking the lance which pierced your heart, I pierce all hearts so that an opening may be made through which this Love may flow unimpeded. May the fruits of repentance, reparation, love, and gratitude abound! O Jesus may You and our Mama be glorified forever in every soul saved by this infilling of Divine Love. Jesus and Mary, I love you—save souls! I thank you in the name of all from Adam to the last. Amen. Fiat!

We Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this coming Monday. I am most grateful for this prayer, which adds an infinite dimension to our celebration. Blessed be God forever!

Some more excerpts…

Friends, I have moved on to the teachings of Frances Hogan on Volume 13. I am reminded of something Fr. Robert used to say. Whenever he was asked which was his favourite Volume, he would answer, “The one I am currently reading.” Me too. 🙂 I am loving Volume 13! Here are just a couple of excerpts from the Diary of Luisa Piccarreta, The Book of Heaven. For commentary, see Frances Hogan’s talks 3 and 4 on Volume 13. (Click on Volume 13.)

September 6, 1921

As the truths are known, new union with Jesus is formed. Jesus wants to make known what His Will did in His Humanity in order to constitute the new generations as heirs of His Will, of the effects, of the value It contains.

I was fusing all of myself in the Holy Will of my sweet Jesus, and was saying to Him: ‘My Love, I enter into your Will, and here I find all the thoughts of your mind and all those of creatures. And I, with my thoughts and with those of all my brothers, form a crown around yours, and then I unite them together, making them one, to give You the homage, the adoration, the glory, the love, the reparation of your own Intelligence.’ And while I was saying this, my Jesus moved in my interior, and standing up, told me: “Inseparable daughter of my Will, how happy I am in hearing repeated what my
Humanity did in my Will. And I kiss your thoughts in mine, your words in mine, your heartbeat in mine.” And as He was saying this, He covered all of me with kisses. Then I said to Him: ‘My Life, why do You enjoy so much and make feast every time You manifest another effect of your Will?’ And Jesus: “You must know that every time I manifest to you one more truth about my Will, it is one more nuptial that I form between you and Me, and with the whole human family. It is a greater union; it is a tighter bond; it is sharing my inheritances; and as I manifest them I form the deed of donation, and in seeing my children richer and sharing in the inheritance, I feel new contentments and I make feast.

“It happens to Me as to a father who possesses many properties; but these properties are unknown to his children; so, they do not know that they are children of a father so rich. Now, as the children come of age, day by day the father keeps telling them that he possesses such and such farm. In hearing this, the children make feast and draw closer, with a greater bond of love, around the father. In seeing the feast of the children, the father makes feast and prepares for them another greater surprise. He says to them: ‘Such and such province is mine.’ And then: ‘Such and such kingdom….’ The children remain enchanted, and not only make feast, but consider themselves fortunate to be the children of such a father. But the father not only makes his possessions known to his children, but he constitutes them heirs of his goods.

“The same happens with Me. Up until now I have made known what my Humanity did – Its virtues, Its pains – in order to constitute the human family as heir of the goods of my Humanity. Now I want to move beyond, and I want to make known to it what my Will did in my Humanity in order to constitute the new generations as heirs of my Will, of the effects, of the value It contains. Therefore, be attentive in listening to Me, and do not lose anything of the effects and the value of this Will of Mine, so that you may be the faithful relater of these goods, the first bond of union with my Will, and of communication with the other creatures.”

September 14, 1921

Each time the soul does her acts in the Divine Will, she grows more and more in sanctity.

Continuing in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus, on coming, told me: “My daughter, each time the soul does her acts in my Will, she grows more and more before Me in wisdom, in goodness, power and beauty. In fact, as she keeps repeating her acts in my Will, she takes as many bites of wisdom, of goodness, etc.; and the soul grows from that food with which she feeds herself. This is why in the Holy Gospel it is written of Me that I grew in wisdom before God and before men. As God, I could neither grow nor decrease; my growth was no other than my Humanity which, growing in age, came to multiply my acts in the Supreme Volition; and each additional act that I did was additional growth in the wisdom of my Celestial Father. And this growth of mine was so true, that even creatures noticed it. Each one of my acts ran in the immense sea of the Divine Will; and as I operated, I nourished Myself with this celestial food. It would take too long to tell you of the seas of wisdom, of goodness, of beauty, of power, that my Humanity swallowed in each additional act It did.

“The same happens to the soul. My daughter, the sanctity in my Will grows at each instant – there is nothing that can escape growing, and that the soul cannot let flow in the infinite sea of my Will. The most indifferent things – sleep, food, work, etc. – can enter into my Will and take their place of honor in It as agents of my Will. If only the soul wants it, all things, from the greatest to the smallest, can be occasions to enter into my Will – which does not happen with the virtues. In fact, if one wants to exercise the virtues, many times the occasion is missing. If the soul wants to exercise obedience, it takes someone who commands her, and it may happen that for days and weeks there is no one to give new commands for her to obey; therefore, as much goodwill to obey as she might have, the poor obedience will remain idle. The same with patience, humility and all the other virtues; since they are virtues of this low world, other creatures are needed in order to keep them exercised. On the other hand, my Will is virtue of Heaven, and I alone am enough to keep the soul, in each instant, in continuous exercise. It is easy for Me to keep her up above, night and day, in order to keep her exercised in my Will.”


And something else I wanted to share…

Catholic Exchange posted an article called Four Things Your Guardian Angel Does for You. At the end is a beautiful prayer for those times when we can’t attend Mass.


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A few things…

First, this came into my inbox from Fr. Robert Spitzer of the Magis Centre. Unite Our Nation is being organized as a prayerful response to the increasing chaos in America. You may want to check for events in your area.

Second, a digital copy of Power In My Hands is now available for a very reasonable price for rent or purchase.

Third, I have had a request from a reader who would like to connect with a Divine Will group in the Seattle area. If you know of one, please contact me at gold_leaf2000(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Have No Fear…

Then the Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces, and the disgrace of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8b)

Dream: Recently, I had a dream that a yellow snake was dangling head-first from a tree quite near to me. I was alarmed and asked the Lord to take it away. He said to me, “Touch it”. When I did, I found that it was empty, hollow, like a deflated balloon. I realized it had no strength or power to harm me. Not only that, it was yellow, the symbolic color of cowardice.

The message, I felt, was that the children of God have nothing to fear in these darkening days. Still, fears assail us on every side. It is good to remind ourselves often that we have nothing to fear, that God is in control, and that all we need to do is to remain in a state of grace, and trust in him “beyond reason” as Frances Hogan has said.

(The rest of this message is brought to you by the letter “f”.)

Fear – An emotional response to fearful things or things beyond our control is instinctive, part of our human nature. How we react, however, is well within our control. Prudential actions are always right, but dwelling on our fears only gives them power. Endless news stories, videos, and discussions will likely only serve to magnify the very fears we are trying to dispel. This is no time to feed those demons. Ration the TV and computer, and do not perpetuate revolving discussions. Be a sign of hope for others. “Let no evil talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building up, as there is need, so that your words may give grace to those who hear.” (Ephesians 4:29)

Facts – Be a fact-checker. What do I know to be true? How do I know this is true? Where is the evidence? Is this person qualified to make these statements? Are they credible? Are they instilling fear? If you can’t get satisfactory answers to these questions, it would be better to set it aside until it can be verified.

Focus – It helps to change our focus to what is necessary and immediate. Once, when I was going through a tough time, I found it effective to stop and ask myself, “Am I ok right now?” The answer was always yes. God is in the sacrament of the present moment, not the unchangeable past or the unknowable future. It helps to get out of our own heads, stop listening to the talking heads, and “put on the mind of Christ.” (Philippians 2:5)

Faith – When those fears creep into our thoughts, reinforcing what we believe could be enough to chase them away. Pray the Creed or the Our Father slowly, taking every phrase into your heart. In St. Faustina’s Diary Jesus told her: “I desire that you would all have more faith at the present time. How great is My joy at the faithfulness of My spouse in the smallest things.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 352)

Father – Who’s kids are we, anyway? The Almighty God’s, that’s whose! Every hair on our heads has been counted. (Matthew 10:30) He has carved us on the palm of his hand. (Isaiah 49:16) Climb into his lap, whisper your fears into his ear and watch them instantly dissolve.

Friendship with Jesus – Of course we all know that Jesus is our friend. Now, I don’t know about you, but treating him that way, talking to him all day is not something that comes naturally to me. Yet I find that when I do it, he makes his presence felt in small ways that only mean something to the two of us. He is near. He knows my weakness. He knows how to build up my trust in him.

Flesh – Jesus is our friend, but also our Savior who gives us his Flesh to eat and his Blood to drink as food for our journey. Wow! That’s taking friendship to an unimaginable level! If we start acting like we carry the Lord of Life within us, it will make all the difference. 

Feast ­– Jesus prepares a feast for us at every Mass in anticipation of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, to which we are all invited. If we remain in a state of grace we have the assurance that not only will we be his guests at the heavenly banquet, but we will reign with him in heaven! Brothers and sisters, we are not made for this world. When the troubles of the world get to us, it might help to get into the habit of saying, “So what? This earth is passing away and I’m made for eternity. Jesus I trust in you!”

Fortitude – Fortitude is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We know that we received fortitude and the other gifts at Baptism, and they were strengthened at Confirmation. The question is, has that gift ever been opened? Is it still waiting to be put into practice? Let us pray. Holy Spirit, we want more of you. In your love, please open these gifts for us, to a full flowering, for your glory and the full flowering of your kingdom. Amen.

Family – Often one of the biggest fears we have is that our family members are no longer practicing the faith. We have tried everything to bring them to faith, but our words fall on deaf ears, and we fear for their souls.

News flash! God has a secret weapon to get them back, and that secret weapon is YOU and ME! God has not given up on our loved ones and we shouldn’t either. He has given our loved ones the gift of OUR faith. And if he has called us to increased prayer and penance, he has given us invincible weapons with which to defeat the enemy. If we have also consecrated ourselves to his Mother, we are behind the velvet-lined shield that no enemy can penetrate. In addition, we are strengthened with the Bread of Life–Jesus himself! Our only weakness then is our sin, and the more we go to confession the more we will plug the holes in our armor caused by sin. We must never be discouraged in our mission, for in Christ, we are assured that we have the victory. Not only that—we are armed and dangerous (to quote Marino Restrepo)!

Fusing – If you are learning about the Gift of Living in the Divine Will through the Vatican-approved writings of Luisa Piccarreta, you will have heard about “fusing” ourselves into Jesus. Fr. Robert Young explains the difference between union with God and fusing in this way: If you have a bottle of water and a bottle of wine and you tie them together, that is union. If you pour the water into the wine, that is fusing. It becomes one substance, but the molecules of each are still what they originally were. Nothing is lost.

It can be as simple as saying with each act, no matter how small, “If you want me to do this, let’s do it together, and if you want me to go, let us go together.” (Volume 12, August 14, 1917)  By fusing ourselves into Jesus—doing everything united with him in each moment—we allow him to live his life again on earth, with unimaginable, hidden (to us), consequences for a multitude of souls. He tells Luisa (May 16, 1917): “My daughter, every time the creature fuses herself in Me, she gives to all creatures the influence of Divine Life; and according to what creatures need, they obtain their effect: those who are weak, feel strength; those who are obstinate in sin, receive light; those who suffer, comfort; and so with all the rest.” I cannot recommend strongly enough the importance in these times of learning about this Gift of All Gifts. It is meant for everyone, and the more people learning about and living in the Divine Will, the better it is for all, from Adam to the last.

St. Francis – Let us not forget our allies in heaven. As a Franciscan I think especially of St. Francis, whose feast day we celebrate this month. He and the whole heavenly army, all the angels and saints, as well as the souls in purgatory stand ready to help us. All we have to do is ask, and if what we desire conforms to the Will of God, it will be done.

Fasting – I don’t need to convince you of the importance of fasting. Our Lady has been calling us to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays for decades now. As he neared the end of his life, St. Francis told his friars often, “Let us begin again, brothers, for up until now we have done little or nothing.” Amen.

Forgiveness – Sometimes our fears are a reflection of our doubts about having been forgiven of our sins. Jesus tells Luisa (May 12, 1917): “I would say to one who doubts about my love, and feared that she might be lost: ‘How is this? I give you my Flesh for food, you live completely of my own. If you are ill, I heal you with the Sacraments; if you are stained, I wash you with my Blood. I can say that I am almost at your disposal – and you doubt? Do you want to sadden Me? Tell Me, then: do you love someone else? Do you recognize some other being as another father, since you say that you are not my daughter? And if this is not, why do you want to afflict yourself and sadden Me?”

Jesus told St. Faustina, “Oh, how I love those souls who have complete confidence in Me — I will do everything for them.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 294).

God’s mercy is infinitely greater than our worst sins, and we do God a great disservice if we think our sins are greater. Repent, confess, and let it go! Then we can in turn become agents of God’s mercy by letting it flow through us to those who have hurt us. This too will bring us freedom from fear and other evil influences. “Pray for souls that they be not afraid to approach the tribunal of My mercy. Do not grow weary of praying for sinners. You know what a burden their souls are to My Heart. Relieve My deathly sorrow; dispense My mercy.” (St. Faustina’s Diary, 975)

Fear of the Lord – Fear of the Lord is another of the Gifts of the Spirit. The Church teaches that it is not the quaking fear of punishments from an Almighty God, but the fear of offending one we love dearly and who loves us dearly. It is meant to be a source of peace and not anxiety, of hope and not despair. It is the filial fear of the little one who is afraid to hurt the feelings of the Beloved Father. If we know God as a loving Father, we can surrender to his love and count on his forgiveness and grace in the sacraments. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

Flame of Love – Our Lady gave Elizabeth Kindelmann a special Grace from God for His Church, the Flame of Love Grace, including a way to “blind satan” through the Flame of Love prayers. Much more can be learned at Try praying a Flame of Love rosary and feel your fears disintegrate.

Fatima – We have the promise of Our Lady of Fatima that in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She. Promised. Then, whatever befalls us, however dark it is, let us never take our eyes off the light that beckons in the distance.

Forward“This one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on towards the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

The promised Era of Peace lies ahead. This month of October is the month of the rosary, chief weapon of the army of Mary. We have nothing to fear, even should pains befall us. Let us march forward in faith and hope, trusting in God “beyond reason”.

Then the Lord God will wipe away the tears from all faces, and the disgrace of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8b)